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This Week in Fashion: Fox Rocks the Red

August 3, 2010

Megan Fox.  Ok, so why am I doing a piece on her?  For starters, I just believe the bad press she’s gotten was wrong.  Just unfair, if you will.  From the over sized thumb, which some young girls I’ve talked to, including my daughter, has said played a major part in her being moved from the No. #1 spot of being the hottest number out there, but should have not been a reason to knock her out of the list of sexiest women.  Or was it her mouth that eventually got her booted from the third sequel of “The Transformers?”  Then again, it’s all bourgeois talk to me anyway.

Megan Fox’s red hot “Jonah Hex” premiere dress by Giorgio Armani Privé — on paper (left), and in the flesh (right). Photos: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani | Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images.  Photo from Stylelist.

I like Megan Fox because she is probably another one of those actresses who flaunts what she’s got despite her abnormalities, in-direct cocky attitude — hell, she knows she’s a beautiful woman and wastes no time letting it known.

She can wear anything and make it look amazing like the dress she wore, by Giorgio Armani Privé, to the premier of her latest movie, “Jonah Hex,” which I have yet to see.  She shows offer her 18-inch waist and impressive cleavage.  I like that she didn’t draw away from the dress with unnecessary accessories, but went with a little clutch purse and nice black high heel pumps.

Of course I wouldn’t say she’s an amazing actress, she does alright by her own standards nonetheless, but she knows how to hit the red carpet by no means striking a pose at every turn, she knows how to light up a scene on and off camera, and turning heads every time.  And this was probably one of the best dresses I’ve seen her in.  Looking good Ms. Fox!  Photo from On The Flix

In an opinion, I’d like to see her dressed down and put in a role where it wasn’t all about her looks.  Remember the character Mariah Carey played in “Precious?”  Remember how Mariah had to leave the entourage at home, come away from the glamour, and step into a transformed role that was so totally unlike her?  I’d like to see Megan Fox be stripped of her glamour, bright lights, and beauty to play a much different role that had her explore areas of herself she didn’t know existed.  Now I’d pay to see her in a movie like that!

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