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Who Wore it Best? Aretha or Aretha? Really?

August 5, 2010

I grew up grooving to the tunes of Aretha Franklin living with my grandparents, my mom and a houseful of cousins, aunts and uncles that gathered at the house like a watering hole, and this was back in the late 60’s and early 70’s when we were between the ages of 3 and 8 years old and slightly older.  You could always expect to smell something good cooking in the kitchen, an oldie-but-goodie playing on vinyl LP’s on the old-time classic hi-fi, and you may even find my grandpa doing a two-step dance move with a red hanky hanging out the rear of his pants pocket of his dingy gray work clothes he wore regularly.  So I’m no stranger to the styles of Aretha, from the wildest of extremes to the WTH is she wearing.

When I feasted my eyes on this photo of her attending two different events wearing…well…the same exact dress, you can kind of guess what I was thinking.  One, why that dress, and two, why that dress.  The only thing she had really going for her was her hair and makeup when she attended the Apollo Theater Awards.  At the Tony Awards, it looked like she just jumped out of the shower, couldn’t do a thing with her hair (ur…the weave), and pulled that dress out of a trunk from a Halloween event she attended probably eons ago.  

This was a first for me…a celebrity wearing the same dress to an award show…back-to-back.

The whole episode was best summed best in the article I read:  “Aretha Franklin wore the same dress she wore to the Tony awards Sunday night to the Apollo Theater Awards Monday night. She accessorized with the same necklace, boa, and shoes, but changed her hair. This is awesome, because honestly, wearing the same thing two nights in a row is not some freakish thing — who hasn’t worn the same thing they wore on a Friday out again on Saturday because they were going out with different people and the outfit happened not to smell too badly of cigarette smoke and sweat? Maybe that’s why Aretha changed her weave — Febreze can’t work on everything.” And this coming straight from New York Magazine.  Well said, I think.

Speaking for myself, I’d have to say the dress was in poor taste/choice for Aretha to wear the same dress back-to-back to two different awards event risking tons of camera exposure and bad press that would follow suit shortly afterwards like a wild fire.  And you know how fast stuff gets around the internet, especially bad press.  As big a celebrity she is — or…well — she was back in the day, I’m sure she’s sitting on a mountain load of money to have been able to have sprung for much better looking dresses than the drab she wore.  Or to have had an experienced entourage put her look together to have given her better designed gowns, a little more glamour and pizzazz.  I can’t even begin to figure out what that dress is — or isn’t — for that matter.  Seriously!  Is it even a dress? 

Sorry, Aretha.  I love you, girl, but I know you can look way better than this.  I’ve seen it.

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