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This Week in Fashion: A Vintage Drew Barrymore

August 13, 2010

I love it when actresses reach back and support local thrift stores for whatever reason.  It just shows they are still human, and that being thrifty is not “beneath them.”  When I saw this picture of Drew Barrymore, photographed on the red carpet of the Nylon magazine/Express party this week in Los Angeles where she was the host, and then read the article, I was more than blown away.  This metallic beauty held a price tag of $25, worn with a pair of Yves Saint Laurent high heel pumps carrying a hefty price tag of $760 was enough for me to say, “WOW!”  She was every bit stunning and beautiful, and I’m happy to see her back in films doing what she does well.  Barrymore styled the 60’s frock with a simple hairdo, letting it all hang down, keeping it real — if you will.  And I just love the look which is an absolute win-win for me.  She really sold me on the entire look, with the way the shoes match up just perfectly.  You can’t get a better ensemble for the evening than this.  Barrymore did a fabulous job in choosing what to wear that would be a picture-perfect-moment of the evening, and the sinister smile just says, “DAMN! I look good!”  And she knows it.

It’s nice to see actresses not being afraid to step on the other side of life and not be so involved/caught up in the designer scene that they forget the real world where they once come from, and still exists.  This is a prime example of what being “true to self” really means.

Photo from Yahoo.Shine.

Updated Saturday, August 14, 2010

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