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Entertainment: Goapele’s a Perfect Ending to a Great Birthday

August 22, 2010

On Thursday, August 19, 2010, I had the sheer pleasure of attending a free concert at the Crenshaw Baldwin Plaza in Los Angeles featuring the beautiful and talented Goapele.  She performed some classic favorites such as “First Love” and “Closer” and other classics, and some off her upcoming album to include, “Milk and Honey” a few others. 

The evening ended with an autograph signing of her second album, “Even Closer,” and photos taken with her fans.  This was a special a treat for me because it was also my birthday, so you can imagine what I felt, getting a rare opportunity such as this…and was a special moment for me.  The CD’s were $10 but she gave them to my daughter and I without question.  Partly because it was my birthday.  And my daughter was just as excited to have gotten it, and gotten a chance to meet her.

It was her song, “Closer,” that I was introduced to her and her music over four years ago, and have been trying to keep up with her career over time.  Her voice is amazing and sends goose bumps over your skin.  She’s a lovely person and was a true crowd pleaser.

Look out for her third album due out soon.

Photo taken by me at the autograph signing with Goapele.

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