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The Absolute Best in Denim Croc

September 16, 2010

If you remember, these boots were my Fall/Winter 2009 addition and were deemed my favorite boots of all time.  Purchased from, I’ve somewhat come to rely on them for boots that I can get into style with and compliment my winter wardrobe.

But now that we’re off to a new Fall/Winter season, it’s a given that there will be new styles to choose from.  Whether you’re flamboyant and want to show off your bold taste and style, or you prefer to keep it simple.  No doubt there will be something that shoe and boot designers will create for everyone in mind.

This Fall/Winter 2010 my search for a new style in boots has taken me back to where I know they’ll never disappoint.  So, what I’ve come up with are these gorgeous patch work like boots which will hit my number one list for sure.

Check out this hot number in the newest selection of’s winter/fall lineup.  They described them as Navy Denim Multi Buckle Strap Stud Boots featuring denim and croc skin texture, has multi buckle straps with stud decor, a drape chain front, side zipper closure, foldover cuffs, soft lining, and textured soles.  The 1 inch platform and 4 1/2 inch heel makes this an attractive boot certainly to turn heads this season.  The 14 inch shaft from top back heel to cuffs finishes off the exquisite design.  Sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

I ordered these gems at $54.99 plus tax and shipping with a 25% discount, taking my total to $52.48.  This is an unbelievable price, but, and as much as I love, you will find these at Make Me Chic, UrbanOG, and Cutesy Girl, at different prices.

But remember at you’ll find that there are weekly discounts you can take advantage of and free shipping on orders over $50, but unfortunately, the discounts and free shipping can’t be combined.  I would say is a better bet for shoes and boots buying.  The discounts just keep coming.

So, if you love these just as much as I do, and can’t wait to get my hands on them, you’d want to order yourself a pair soon.  They’re supplies tend to go quickly and they don’t always bring back particular styles.  I consider these Navy Denim Crocs a specialty selection among boots, which will not likely make a return appearance once they’re gone. Get ’em now while you still can.

Make be your one-stop shoe source this year for your winter needs in shoes and boots.

Updated Thursday, September 23, 2010

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