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2010-2011 Fashion Trends

October 1, 2010

The fashion industry has introduced to us some new and exciting trends this year to meet all seasonal needs.  The ready to wear collections for Spring and Summer has been phenomenal.  We’ve witnessed the return of some of the favorites styles totally revamped like the rompers, the highly enhanced wedge shoe, and I was fiercely introduced to Christian Louboutin. 

I like to think September as the month to start looking at new seasonal trends for the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer months.  Ruffles are definitely in and are outlining sweaters to enhance their overall look and dress up any ensemble.  Leather jackets are sporting the ruffle collars and adding a pizzazz to their overall look and design.

Wraps are starting to surface a lot more presenting their elegant and alluring look and appeal.  I stumbled across where they have a huge assortment of wraps and scarves.  They have from solid wraps to embroidered and printed styled wraps; some long and some mid length, and at prices that are workable.

Wraps, depending on your specific style and taste, can be worn to fight of some colder temperatures because they are made in different fabrics, some thicker than others, and some thinner than others.  They can be worn of your coat as an added outerwear, or they can be worn just sitting around the house keeping warm.  Photo from

Overstock comes every year ready to please and continues to lead the way in online must haves with their selection of scarves and wraps in an assortment of styles and colors.  Certainly ideal for wrapping up this season.

Current and recent fashion weeks in both New York and Paris have offered new  trends that are setting the stage for what’s new in the Fall/Winter seasons, and the Spring/Summer months to come. 

I’m always interested in seeing what new styles are transforming the fashion industry and which styles and designs seem replicate the nostalgia era of yesteryear; how designers are rebirthing old-fashioned favorites simply adding their own spins and twists given them a more modern look for today’s woman of fashion.

Designer, Peter Copping, featured his collection at the Nina Ricci spring-summer 2011 ready-to wear collection presentation in Paris, France on September 30, 2010.

His designs adds color and magic to the Spring/Summer months.  I loved how he brought together soft and neutral colors along with bright and basic colors keeping them all set within their own time zone.  

And the way he seems to have recreated the ruffles and the waistline on the skirts and shorts is just better than I’ve ever seen it. 

His approach to the black and white plaid suite was very cleverly presented, and the black and gray dress would be a head-turner at any cocktail event.

Photos by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.

High-waistlines are returning as they rev up the high profile look in our trousers, skirts with the pencil skirts till a popularity among the fashion world today, and bubble hem-looks are stepping up the glory days of the old, present and fashion trends of tomorrow.

And remember boots are continuing to have facelifts as the styles and designs are seeming to be changing by the months.  More buckle straps, chains, zippers and peep toes and cutouts.

There’ll  be more focus on colors we don’t see matched every day and attention will be drawn to what’s different and unique, all designed to fit and meet everyone’s particular taste.

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