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A Boost to the Conservative Tradition

October 5, 2010

The serious career woman prides herself on her professional image and appearance in Corporate America.  The classic suit embellished with the buttoned down blouse, and high heel pumps that does not go over the 3 1/2 heel mark always seems to give the right impression when the right attitude carries it.  Photo from Marie Claire.

In Corporate America the conservative look has evolved gracefully but remains tradition to its cause of setting high standards for career women.  But as we are aware even with giving the conservative look a subtle boost can be met with mixed emotions, though it is adding a more appealing look.

Going from being buttoned from the very top button down to the last, and raising the hem on the traditional business skirts and skirt suits brings attention to the improvement of the image we’ve become comfortable with over the years.

Back in the day a pair of stilettos in the office dressed with a skirt with a length just above the knees did not always have a place in the office environment where our male counterparts and some over-conservative career women governed over what was considered appropriate and inappropriate dress.

In today’s Corporate America we are finding that how you dress in the office says a lot about you.  It’s determining if the message is met with positive or negative views.  Where some women are stepping away from the overly tradition of the conservative approach to their professional wardrobe embracing the change of times, incorporating different styles, rich and vibrant colors, a variety styles of shoes, indulging in the boots era that has taken hold of the fashion industry; and yet there are some women who are making every effort to hold on to the traditional image of the modern woman, staying true to the rules of what office wear was originally catered to.

The return of the traditional approach to conservative office wear has stumbled across clever designers who have broadened the horizon of the career woman’s approach to getting the job done while looking attractively dressed. 

The classic suits and shirt suits, and the classic pumps have not left the immediate circuit of fashion, but has simply been revamped just a tad to allow a second look be given to how we dress when we are going to the office.  We don’t want to over do so as not to create an uncomfortable forum among our co-workers, and we certainly do not want to under-do it so as not to be accused of not visibly representing the company on a certain scale.  Photos from Politico.

The workforce fashion has changed considerably over time where conservative dress is regarded.  With younger women stepping into the workforce today, they are looking at sleeker and more appealing office wear that says I’m sexy, but I can do the job.  It’s likely that they have been groomed for what to expect when they walk into an office for an interview, or when they start on that first day on the job being the first day of their career.  Photo from Fashion Rules.

It’s safe to say that some of the night life/entertainment realm is spilling over into what we were to the office, it’s the ability to keep it tasteful and not to cause a distraction that shows you can separate night from day wear and be skilled enough to incorporate the two adding a fashionable glamour to it in the office setting.

The traditional lined slacks, ruffled neck blouses, and cardigan sweaters are not just a thing of the past.  I love a good pair of long slacks that goes almost to the ground, a sexy ruffled blouse with an attractive cardigan to dress it up.  Ruffles are definitely in this season, and have made a huge splash of a come back in the fashion industry.  Sweaters and jackets are now being detailed with ruffle designs in full form.

Going to the office doesn’t have to be dull and dreary.  With the many changes designers have incorporated into their ready-to-wear collections and giving us new insights on how we see office wear, our professional wear can be fun and exciting office wear.

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