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8 Ways to Make Shoes More Comfortable

November 3, 2010

By BrynnMannino

by Woman’s Day, on Wed Oct 20, 2010 3:20pm PDT

Feet Friendly


Sometimes beauty really ispain, especially when it comes to women’s footwear. But itdoesn’t have to be, thanks to the latest advancements inorthopedic products that specifically cater to ladies’ shoedilemmas. WD found eight solutions to the most common shoeproblems, including heel slippage, digging straps and chaffingrubber, so you’ll be able to wear all of your favoritefootwear—pain-free.

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Learneverything you ever wanted to know about heels.

Pain in the Strap


Before you relegateagonizing slingbacks and thong sandals to the category ofregrettable purchases, strap these on for size. Available in fourcolors, these thin strips adhere to the inside of your shoe strapsto help prevent painful blisters and ugly red marks caused byslipping straps and excess friction. Strappy Strips, pricesstart at $3.50;

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Cushioned Edge


Putting an extra spring inyour step has never been easier. Staying just within the parameterof your shoes, these super-skinny ¾ insoles fit into open-toe shoesand sandals, providing extra cushioning and ensuring your tootsieswill feel totally comfy—but your look will remain clean andstylish. Killer Kushionz, prices start at $6.50;

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Head over Heels


Shoes that are too big foryou or weighted down in the front (think platform pumps) can causeserious heel slippage. Luckily, stick-on heel grips correct afinicky fit by creating a textured layer to hold your foot inplace. Heel Grips, $3;

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Stable Ground


While stiletto heelsguarantee gorgeous gams, they often get stuck in soft ground orcracks, both of which can destroy expensive shoes and make for anuneasy walk. To better tread on tricky terrain, attach a clear orblack protector to your heel tip that subtly increases its surfacearea. The tip removes easily for times when you’re on more solidground. SoleMates High Heeler, $9.95;

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Spot On

It’s tough to predictwhere a shoe will rub you the wrong way. Clear and ultra-slim,these dainty peel-and-stick gel spots offer an invisible protectivelayer. Just put them in your purse so you can stick one of themright where it hurts whenever you feel pain. Gel Spots, pack of6, $8;

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On the Ball

Available in so many cutepatterns—tiger and leopard and zebra, oh my!—these flower-shapedball-of-foot cushions look anything but frumpy. Slip them into thefronts of your shoes to fend off calluses and keep excess bonepressure at bay. Tip Toes, prices start at $6.95;

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Toe Pick


A casual flip-flop or chicdress sandal can wreak havoc on the sensitive skin between yourtoes. These genius gel cushions, which slip discreetly under theball of your foot and around the thong, keep both the ball of yourfoot and your toes in place, helping to prevent the slip-and-slidethat can cause painful blisters. KIWI Smiling Feet In Betweenthe Toe Gel Cushions, $4.99;

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Glide Wear


If your shoes are simply toostrappy to conceal an insole or grip—or you need an easy on-the-gooption to prevent friction sores—try rubbing on some relief. Thisstick leaves behind a clear, waxy finish that forms an antifrictionprotective layer. Dr. Scholl’s For Her Rub Relief Stick,$6.50;

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