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Studio5 Sails Over 3,000 Reviews

November 22, 2010

Hello to my fabulous viewers and returning readers of my blog.  The year isn’t over yet and I’ve already reached over the 3,000 mark in blog views.  I am truly excited at how the blog took off since its creation in February 2010, receiving well-embraced responses.  And the word is continuing to be spread around.  

It’s a pleasure to be able to share the latest in fashion, the best health tips, the hottest in shoes and boots, the most interesting news in people and entertainment, and so much more.  Creating this blog has turned into more than a labor of love, but as something I’ve come to enjoy, and the journey along the way has been very rewarding.  I’ve met and continuing to meet some of the most influential people who have helped shape the growth of my blog and I can’t thank them enough.

Having said that, with every thousand views my blog receives and every comment given, they are met with the most sincerest thanks and appreciation.  And for the new and returning viewers who are keeping up with the most recent posts, you are dearly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone for helping make Studio5 the success it is today.

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