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Pick of the Week: Hot Retailers for this Season’s Winter Wear

November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving is behind us, but we are moving fast speed ahead into cyber shopping, which has been said to have started weeks and weeks ago, with consumers getting a jump-start on their holiday shopping.  Black Friday was reported to have risen from $41 billion dollars from last year to over $45 billion dollars this year.  That doesn’t even begin to show improvement on the economy’s recovery.  My guess is with everyone doing their cyber shopping, sales are most likely going to increase, with even a higher total cost consumers will have spent this holiday. 

Moving on.  It would appear that winter got an early start as it’s been the coldest it’s has ever been in the month of November.  I decided I’d do my pick of the week on those retailers who are sure to not disappoint when we talk about winter wear during the holiday shopping season.

While many of us are enjoying our shopping in the comforts of our own home online, others are out there fighting traffic, and other consumers, to get their hands on some of those hot deals.

Let’s focus on fashion must have if you will, this wintery holiday season.  At the top of the list of discussion of fashion surrounds the fashionable leg warmers that were once the favorite of the golden age of the 80’s, but I sported in the mid 70’s just when they were hitting the streets.  

Knitted leg warmers are making a fierce come back and girls today are scooping them up like crazy.  Wear over your jeans to keep the lower parts of your legs warm.  I remember back in the day when you could them with different color ties with balls on the end to tie in cute little bows the hold the leg warmers in place.  They came in solid color or multiple of colors and us girls would wear them whenever it was cold, or just to make a serious fashion statement.

If you’re ever in Los Angeles, head on down to Rainbow on La Brea and Rodeo Road where you can find them at really good prices and awesome colors.  That’s where I saw them and believe me, I was at awe.

Next, charting the top of fashion must haves are frilly-fril scarves, which my daughter just can’t get enough of the styles, designs and colors; and those beautiful wraps that keep surfacing with many styles, colors, and designs to choose from.  Some of them are a combination of a sweater and wrap all in one.  How ingenious is that.  Look sexy while keeping warm at the same time. 

Now, I talked about the fashionable do’s of scarves and wraps in another post, but because I have had the pleasure of laying eyes on some of what is coming out this season, that I have just been so amazed at the creativity of designers and manufacturers alike, who have envisioned them in a new light, giving them futuristic hope, I thought the topic deserved another round of discussion. 

The temperature has dropped considerably here in sunny, brrrrr, California.  P-coats, trench coats, and other stylish coats are coming out in full swing, ladies looking classy and attractively dressed as they meet the weather head on, while teenagers are bundling up in their favorites of layers to consist of  T-shirts, sweat jackets, beanies and whatever else they can get their hands on to keep warm.  Then again, you may see fashionable and stylish leather waist-line jackets are a hot-ticket item and selling like hotcakes, while faux fur suede boots and knee-high boots, both leather and sued, can be seen strutting down the avenue.

If you’re looking for ideas on where to go to spruce up your winter wear head on over to Old Navy where they can dress you and your entire family in affordably priced pull over sweaters and cute jeans to create and hot ensemble designed for the chilly weather ahead.  Urban Outfitters and American Eagle Outfitters are also sure to please in the winter category this season targeting the trend setter who wants to stay warm, but keeping up with current fashion trends.

This year’s season for reasons to stay warm, for braving the cold air while shopping for the special gifts for the special someone’s is bound to be done in style, and in some cases at bargain prices.  And while you and the family are out, don’t forget to head on down to Hollister Co. — talk about the warmest hoodies and sweaters you can ever find, and the sales associates are very nice, too.

I hope everyone has a wonderful shopping holiday season.  Do it in style, at the same time stay safe and protect yourself at all times.

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