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December 1, 2010

In the middle of the night a few nights ago, while trying to keep warm in a rather freezing house, I was watching television late night and saw this commercial advertising  Of course, with me being an avid online shoe shopper and shoe fanatic, I decided to look up the site on my laptop.

They have an OK selection, with many of their selections I’ve seen at,, Make Me Chic, Pierre Silber,, and Booty Cocktails.  But I have to understand, too, that they are a new and upcoming online company.

Although their prices are a little high,, I would say they are more geared for the shoppers with money to spend and has no budget to watch out for.  Where as I am looking for bargains and the best deals.   If you’re looking for a 2-for-1 deal, ideally, this site does not offer such deals, at least not at this time.  Perhaps as the site grows and picks up an impressive customer base, they may offer attractive discounts to keep their customers coming back.  Pretty much like what has done when they opened their online store in 2004 then launched the site in 2007.  This is just a testament as to how an online store can grow, and I have no doubts that will do the same.

As a new site just getting off the ground, they have tapped into a market that seems to be doing very well in this struggling economy.  Whereas with much research into the market it would show that many of the shoes on the site are featured at much lower prices on other sites where it would appear to be more suitable for budgeting shoppers.

I can say that I visit a lot of online retailers for purchasing shoes and greatly understand the need to look for competitive prices, but there are some sites out there that markup a $24.99 pair of shoes to $120.00 and would be looked at as overkill status to some online shoe shoppers.

The markup on shoes today doesn’t closely identify with other sites in terms of wanting to be looked at as the go-to site for the best best deals on shoes unless you’re well off and can afford to spend that kind of money., in my opinion, could kill the competition if they adjusted their prices a little.  This would cleverly keep them in the competitive market, giving competitors a run for their money.  For example, the ribbon shoes in this picture from are selling for $84.95.  You can also find them at Pierre Silber $45.99 who later put them on sell for $35.00.  You can find them right now at for $39.99…same exact shoe.   Where do you think an online shoe shopper would go if they knew this information? could easily match this price if not do better and the word would spread like wild fire, especially with it being a new site.

These trend setting shoes are selling at $118.99 at  If you’re shopping on a budget and trying to save money, you can go to and you can get them for $49.99.  That’s a $69.00 savings.   Now if sold these at say $45.99, or $39.00, and offered an attractive discount, catering to the shopper’s budget, they’d make a killing on these shoes because they are becoming top trends in today’s shoe buying market, and would clearly be making a name for themselves.

I see being an alternative to online shoe shopping as they grow, but for right now they would mostly cater to shoppers who are not worrying about keeping within a budget during these times.

My overall opinion is that in given time, I am sure will grow with a strong following.   If pricing is not an issue, and the customers are or have been ok with spending top dollar on their shoes, then could be an alternate to online shoe shopping.  The site has potentials, but for me, it just does not fit into my price range at the moment, but perhaps it may fit into the price range of others.

Since I first wrote this post I hope that the site is flourishing and is continuing to do well.

Updated, Monday, April 2019

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  1. January 19, 2011 1:23 pm

    Hello, first off, thanks for visiting my blog. And secondly, I am not so sure what your comment is trying to say. No one is whining, simply giving points of view, opinions, suggestions and ideas. Nothing on this blog is in no way meant to be offensive, hurtful, cruelly intended, or downright critical without an apology. If you do not like the blog in its entirety, that’s just fine with me. The blog was not meant to win a popularity contest, or receive points for the best blog on the internet, but to simply give my two cents on my sharing my love for the fashion industry as it relates. Everything else thrown into it is to, what I hoped would, balance the blog out, providing a variety of information for the readers as the blog grows. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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