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It’s an Iced Christmas: My Jewelry Must-Haves

December 21, 2010

My mom used to tell me when I started buying jewelry back in the 80’s that if you’re going buy jewelry, buy the real thing.  This Christmas season, I scoped out leading jewelers for both price and quality, and then selections of styles to choose from.

Out of the many jewelers there are I decided to make my Christmas a merry one by shopping online at  This is a 1/2 carat diamond sterling silver bracelet, which caught my eye.  It has a polished finish and weighs in at 21.5 grams, heavier than the last bracelet I purchased from Daniel’s Jeweler that had gotten broken back in September.  This is considered among‘s collection of tennis bracelets.  It has a I2 I3 clarity and is quite beautiful.  Retailing for $270, you can add this beautiful piece to your jewelry collection for $135, or for five payments of $27.

Next on the list of my jewelry must-haves, I chose this yellow gold 1/10 carat diamond ring.  Probably the first gold ring I’ve purchased in a very long time.  This ring has received positive reviews on, and the price is one you can’t get away from.  The ring has a sweet polished finished, weighs in at 3.8 grams but the weight does vary depending on individual ring size.  It’s polished with a I1 clarity.  It has a total of 28 little precious diamonds, a gorgeous golden bling for the true woman at heart.  Retailing at $450, you can own this jewel for $225 or for five payments of $45 at makes buying diamond jewelry easy, especially if you’re like me and have to shop on a budget.  What I look for when I purchase silver and gold jewelry is its staying power.  How it holds up to normal wear and tear.  I recommend staying away from silvertone and goldtone as they tend to wear very quickly.  Jewelry that is not pure gold tends to be metal and the color tends to diminish — just in my previous experience.

With every piece of jewelry I purchase I question it’s craftsmanship, the material, and its authenticity, which lets me know if I’m buying from a reputable and knowledgable jeweler.

Let your next jewelry purchase be one that you’ll always remember.

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