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Champagne and White Diamond Ring: An Up Close Review

December 24, 2010

Upon receiving this ring I can say it is described the way it is on the site at

I would think that where the confusion comes in is how the ring is labeled/titled.  It would be easy for a customer to look for champagne colored stones.  In fact if anyone knows how to decipher jewelry description they would understand the meaning.

Looking at the ring the champagne color is merely the cluster design that surrounds the diamonds.   A customer interested in purchasing this ring should not look for champagne colored diamonds set in the ring itself.  They are just not any.

The ring shines beautifully in normal and dull lighting conditions.  I am happy with the its overall look and glad I made this purchase.

For long term care I’d recommend using a soft soapy water and a soft bristles tooth brush to clean using luke warm water and a soft cloth for drying.  Avoid using harsh abrasives to avoid permanent damage.

Would I recommend this ring for purchase?  Yes. I would.  I would just suggest that you understand the description of the ring or any other purchase you make in order to know what you’re ordering.  A good thing to do would be to call and speak to a representative regarding any selected item you’re interested in ordering just to be sure you know what you’re getting.

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