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Hanae Mori

December 24, 2010

The best perfume to date are fragrances by Hanae Mori.

This scent (shown) is light and elegant and lasts throughout the day.  The scent is not too sweet or overpowering, but it is subtle and sexy.  Retails for $90 1.7 Fl. Oz.

In 1951 Japanese fashion designer, Hanae Mori, opened her fashion house.  As a successful designer in Japan her perfumes and colognes earned her great gratitude and appraisals from other perfume connoisseurs.

Hanae Mori perfumes are one of the most iconic fragrances that I’ve owned that is of the modern age.  Hanae Mori fragrances are designed in an Asian style with attractive, modernized design. Every drop of the Hanae Mori perfume that touches your skin will induce moments of inspiration.  Hanae Mori perfumes will change the way you see classy perfumes overall.

Top most popular Hanae Mori fragrances are Hanae Mori Haute Couture perfume by Hanae MoriHM for MenHanae Mori Butterfly for women and Hanae Mori Magical Moon for womenHanae Mori perfumes are perfect for every moment of the life.  I’ve had my bottle for over four years and have barely used a half a bottle because you don’t need to use a lot in order to enjoy its sensual fragrance.

Treat yourself to the sweet essence of Hanae Mori fragrances.  Hanae Mori fragrances can be ideal for last minute gift giving ideas.

Read more at Perfume Pass.

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