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Style File: Creating the Perfect 2010 New Year’s Eve Look

December 28, 2010

Planning to attend a New Year’s Eve bash and not sure what to wear?  Ladies, I hope I can give you some ideas on what to wear that will help you create the perfect look.  Don’t want to spend a lot of money? No problem, you don’t have to spend a fortune just to look good.  Boutiques, small retail clothing stores and after Christmas sales are where you’ll find the best deals and bargains on some of the finest and most elegant clothing and shoes for your special occasion.

These are my favorite picks for 2010 New Year’s Eve Bash look.

With New Year’s eve rapidly approaching finding the right look can be nerve-racking especially if you’re like I am sometimes…a last minute shopper.

You can always find some sophisticated looks as great prices shopping at boutiques, Ross Stores, and after Christmas sales at major department stores.

If you’re looking for a two piece look, how about something like this.  I recently picked up this halter red halter top with a red trim and a back tie.

To dress up this top I went with a spandex black skirt with a lace trim.

For this outfit, I’d go with a high heel sandal or sleek sling back closed toe pumps.  You don’t want to get too busy with the shoes and accessories.  Keep the look simple and fresh.  It stands out on it’s own when you keep it simple.

These black suede high heel sandals come with a covered pleated strap and a towering patent 4 1/2″ heel.

For a second 2-piece selection, you can’t go wrong with this halter ruffled lavender hook front top and black hot pant shorts.  But be careful, ladies, in choosing the right shoes for this in order to keep the ensemble looking HOT.

Should you decide to go with something a little more elegant, less complicating, and you prefer going with a nice dress, you can’t go with with the favorite little black dress which no woman’s closet should be without.

Over the past few months I’ve managed to find some beautiful dresses designed for any special occasion.  And if you’ve read my recent post, you’d know that my favorite little black dress to date is the Calvin Klein’s one-shoulder belted dress.

This is a classy, elegant dress that thrives on simplicity in proper accessorizing.  A nice simple clutch purse, thin necklace or a pearl necklace, and a strappy high heel sandal or sexy black pointed toe pump will dress up this dress for the New Year’s Eve bash your attending.

This lace jacket can compliment any skirt or rayon or silk pants.  In this case, I chose to go with the dressy high heel black and white sandals from Newport News and the spandex skirt with the lace bottom.  I thought the skirt makes that jacket stand out.  It has a broach close, cuff sleeves that match the collar.

Although I’d prefer an elegant high heel sandal, this ensemble would also work with a sexy black pump which I got from at a very modest price.  If you really want to dress up the evening, the lace slip on high heel sandals would add a very nice touch and wouldn’t take away from the overall look of the jacket itself.

This is another piece of elegance I picked up from Ross Stores just earlier this month.  The Scarlett Nite dress has a chiffon-like front sash and shoulder straps which cover the spaghetti straps, and a sequin trim.  The dress is polyester blend has an even flow and wears well with a pump or high heel sandal.

Looking for ideas on what shoes could be ideal to wear?  While there are a vast selection to choose from, and many shoe retailers to go to, I have my favorite which I hope will give you some additional ideas on what you could get.

This was an AMIClubwear favorite.  I loved the sequin straps, the zipper back and the sexy stiletto heel.

Whatever you decide to go with in choosing the perfect look, keep your look original and your own.  Wear what will make you comfortable.  And remember if you have to second guess it, you probably shouldn’t wear it.  Wear what compliments your body type and most of all, wear what compliments you.

While you’re shopping for that perfect look, I hope I was able to jump start your ideas and get you going to find and create the perfect New Year’s Eve Bash look.  And while you’re out having yourselves a good time, remember to drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, and be safe.

Updated Wednesday, December 29, 2010.

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