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The 1970’s Fashion Trend for 2011

December 28, 2010 has a really good post on the 1970’s trend for 2011.  The forecast of the rebirth of high-waist belted pants, tucked in sweaters accessorized with a long beaded chain or a vest is set to rock the fashion industry categorized for the daytime wear.  By night we are going to dabble in the famed headbands women (and men) loved to wear along with the short dresses, shirts and hot pants and platform shoes.

The color pallet is bound to show off the neutral colors of browns, tans, grays and blacks, but what I’d like to see in the 2011 1970’s trend are the return of the psychedelic colors that patternized the short dresses with the fly-a-way sleeves, headbands, and hot shoes.

In memory of the days of Club54, the return of the 1970’s wear is a compliment to the days of “Peace and Love.”  Growing up during this era I saw how fashion transcended a new generation. When Mary Jane shoes were ahead of the game in high heel shoes. When it was considered cool and in-style for men to wear shirtless vests, wear a pick in their hair, beards and mustaches, and not be forced to change their look or be made to refrain from making a fashion statement.

The 70’s was also the time of big sun glasses, blouses with big bow ties, leather strapped handbags, and wild hair.  There were long dresses with v-cuts down the to the stomach, pantsuits of different kinds, and women weren’t afraid to fashionably express themselves.

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