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Favorite Topics of 2010

December 31, 2010

This year has been a tremendous year for Studio5.  And I had the pleasure of embarking on some really good posts.  Here are some of my favorites:

Who Wore it Best: Throughout the year and years prior, we saw celebrities done the same dress at various events.  The idea was to determine which celebrity wore it best.  My most memorable one was when Aretha Franklin wore the same horrendous dress at two different award shows.  As much as I love Aretha, it was in bad taste for the Diva.

The Teen Scene: My daughter had a huge part to play in this segment.  Her eye for fashion trends of the what’s hot and what’s not helped me to phase the right tone for spotlighting what teen’s must haves are and would be.

Men’s Style: John Malcovich showcased his fashion line stepping outside of his acting career to show a more humble and softer side to himself.   Malkovich presented his clothing line on the eve of the Mercedes Benze Berlin fashion week Tuesday, July 6 where the media was in full spectrum focusing on his line and getting a closeup of the designer new trends for men’s fashion as fashion addicts travelled from all over the world to attend Germany’s iconic event.  He is as confident as a fashion designer as he is the American actor who has an eye for fashion flair, and was very well spoken when talking about his line.  Malkovich spoke about his fashion at “The Corner” which is said to be a block away from Berlin’s Bebelplatz, which is home to more than 40 catwalk shows.

Drew Carrey also brought us a thinner image which totally blew my mind when I saw the article of his shedding the pounds to present a sleeker and younger looking Carrey.  Though I haven’t seen him since, I hope he’s keeping the weight off and is continue to live his career in full spectrum.

Style File: Truth be known to why I created this segment was because of Jillian Barberie from Fox11 News.  When I’m home and when she’s not on maternity I focus on what her style picks are for the morning segment, and I’ve always love the way she showcase each fashion, accessory, and the models.  She’s a great individual, dresses really trendy, and always keeps her look fresh, hence the creation of my Style File.

High Heels, Fashion, Christian Louboutin, etc.: Keeping an eye on high fashion has been fun at best.  Eh hem!  Let me rephrase that, it’s been an exciting ride.  I was introduced to Christian Louboutin which was the highlight of my fashion era.  I was opened to new the trends of Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, Cloe, and many others who have held my interest with high esteem.

I am very excited to see what the next fashion weeks have to hold and which designer will hit the walk way showcasing their talents representing the new seasons.

Goodbye 2010: So as we say good to this year, know that it’s been a blast!  2010 was filled with lots of anxiety in terms of keeping my readers interested and wanting more.  Now as we say good bye to 2010, I hope 2011 is just as exciting.  I love you all, and here’s to a more exciting fashionable world in the new year.

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