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It’s a Casual Thing

January 11, 2011

Recently I saw an ad that read, “I’m Ready for Work,” and it showed a young man wearing a stripped or plaid shirt, a well-worn hat, jeans and a nice pair of semi-dress shoes, or from what I could tell from a black and white-type ad.  But it got me to thinking just how casual dress has made its cross-over in the workforce with more businesses and organizations bending the rules on what their views are on casual attire not being solely limited to the famous “Casual Fridays” and if whether or not we have gone beyond crossing the fine line of business casual as we have come to see it in today’s corporate environment.

Business executives in fortune 500 should be happy to look the other way when their IT department is wearing a nice pair of jeans, a buttoned down shirt with a tie and jacket and comfortable shoes when trouble shooting computer issues throughout the company, or maintaining their computer and network infrastructure to ensure functionality of their entire mainframe.

We are taking different looks at how we see casual and business casual in the office, getting away from the shirt and tie and three-piece suit, and the silk blouses and mid-length skirt and pumps and stepping it down a bit to where we are still in our professional mind-set, but in a more comfortable setting.

Women have taken a more broadened look at how they approach casual wear in the office keeping it on a business level, they keep their polished professional look with a casual flair, wedges, low-heeled pumps, boots and an occasional high heel sandal to dress up the look.

Photo from 1 T-Shirts World.

At the same time we don’t want to go overboard with our casual/business casual wear.  There are just some fashions that are not suitable for the office and is better left at home.  There are those nasty little guidelines businesses and organizations hold in place to protect both the employees and themselves from unnecessary issues and/or incidents that could arise.

Then again it depends on the industry of where it is you worked that attire is different on various levels.  For example, if you work for a heavy metal company where the staff will show up to work in jeans with rips and tears, and holes in them; T-Shirts, funky metal accessories, and have V-guitars in their office, and hold meetings wearing their high top tennis and sleeveless T’s then it’s almost anything goes attire, where the receptionist may come to work in a micro-mini skirt with leggings underneath, some ankle boots, some funky jewelry, an off-the-shoulder sweater, and rock music playing over the intercom.

Where you wont find casual attire is in the more traditional office environment that spend a good amount of time protecting their image ensuring that all employees dress by the code of attire that stipulates no one allowed to wear jeans or tennis as part of their office wear.  Boring!!!  But to each their own.

Where casual wear and business casual wear comes together is in the changing of how it affects employees, giving them the flexibility of comfort, while still performing at high levels.  A happy employee makes successful businesses and organizations.

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