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Remembering the 1970’s

January 20, 2011

The 1970’s was an era where I believed the 60’s and the 70’s collided in a kaleidscope, where “Peace & Love” shined bigger than life, women’s lib was taking on a league of its own, and discotech was heavy. 

January 29 I will be kicking off the year by attending what will probably be the hippest party in town where the theme is the return of the 1970’s.  Guests are asked to wear their best 1970’s clothes.

This was the era of the Go Go dancers, hot pants, and platform shoes; where head bands and heard scarves were very much in style, large colorful sunglasses could be seen miles away; where large hooped earrings set the stage for grooviness, and platform boots the boots to wear if you were attending the hottest night spot of the 70’s.  And everyone said “Groovy.”  It was the era of the psychedelic explosion.

For this funky event I chose to go with the Disco Groovy Chic costume which I purchased from Costume Craze.  As much as I love Hollywood Toy & Costume, they’ve got the best prices on costumes and the shipping was $2.99.  Besides, I had gotten rid of my clothes from that era years and years go.

If you remember the 1970’s you remember doing the hustle in your family’s back yard.  You remember the days of the 1972 film Super Fly, which to be considered blackploitation of that time.  It was also the golden era of Shaft, and 007 movies.  Of course “Live and Let Die” was my favorite movie of that time.  And when I think about the 1970’s I remember the hit song, “For the Love of Money,” by the O’Jays. 

I was just a child way back then watching my relatives go through their glory days of that time.  And here we are in our own generation, and I promised myself that my daughter would grow up to know about the movies, the music, the clothes in the way they dressed back then…the golden era when “Peace & Love” and disco reigned supreme.

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