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Springing into Fashion

January 20, 2011

Spring 2011 is on its way and I wonder what can we expect to see as the doorway to summer vastly approaches.  Will we see new designs and colors in the rompers that made their full return in previous springs and summer seasons?  Will there be a new collection of spring dresses bearing all lengths for everyone of all ages to enjoy?  Or will we be dazzled in a variety of hats to give us grace and style?

I always look forward to the spring and summer seasons because it’s about finally shedding the layers and fasting in the warm sun, looking your best, feeling good, and hanging out with friends and spending time with family out on the sandy beaches, or dining in your favorite eatery.

I hopped on over to who presented ten of what I consider to be the hottest looks for 2011 spring trends we really need to keep our eyes on.  The designers of these trends certainly closed their eyes to vision to today’s modern woman will be wearing.

First up, I really love this collection shown here.  I love what the designer did with these colors and the designs that present an elegant flow.  You can wear these pieces basically for any occasion.  They definitely have that “WOW” factor and this is one trend I’d be inclined to follow.

Next, it’s all about doing it up with colors.  If you’re like me when it comes to shedding the almighty winter layers and want to be seen for your creativity in fashion flair, then you are all about being different, sampling new trends with colors.  When I saw this collection here I was breathless.  I mean, it is just one of those collections that screams “LOOK AT ME!  I HAVE THE “IT” FACTOR.”  And that’s what I love about this collection.  I especially love the white gown, how it has the front split strategically placed to reveal just enough of your legs.  It’s sexy, it’s beautiful, and the neckline just presents it in such a way that you are not looking over the top, but elegant enough to be sophisticated.  Now any one who knows me knows I love Calvin Klein.  The dress on far right is a gown from Calvin Klein.  OK!  He really worked his magic creating this masterpiece.  I am in love with the low, low V-neck line.  Talk about having sex appeal wearing this piece.  You’d be the envy of any event you attended wearing this.  This collection was presented on a 2011 Spring runway.

My other favorite collection was the presentation of the classic greys, black and white blends, so cleverly designed.  This is so “me.”  I’m always a sucker for black, gray and white, so you can imagine when I saw this collection at, that I nearly fell out of my chair.  Which one is my favorite out of the four?  Of course, the all white on the far right by Rag & Bone following it up with the one black pants and the black and gray sweater by Vena Cava.  Sassy.  Chic.  Has a fun look to it, and can be easily worn during the spring and summer seasons.

These were just some of my favorites, but I strongly recommend stopping over at to see the rest of their review. This is certainly a site that knows what they are talking about in terms of trends of today’s fashion spectrum.

So as we head on in to the change of seasons, let’s not forget other new trends we should be closely on the look out for.  I believe that with every year, a new designer is born and new creations are formed to give us a new look into how we see fashion and how it continues to transcend women into a new era.

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