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This Week in Fashion: Where Do You Find Runway Collections?

January 21, 2011

An interesting question my daughter asked me last night while watching television, “Mom, where do you find runway collections? Have you noticed, you just can’t find them in any stores, not even the high upscale stores.”  Of course, I begged to differ with her in terms of the ready-to-wear collections which you will likely find in many of the high-end boutiques, but the point she was trying to make does pose another question which relates to the collections that are not geared for the read-to-wear genre as we have seen with many designers, so should anyone be interested in purchasing a particular piece they saw, where do you go to purchase it?  Do you contact the designer’s PR person?  Do you contact the designer directly?  Do you contact the brand or label? 

I would suspect on some regard that many of the collections we see are for fashion show purposes only, whether or not the designer would be willing to part with an original is another story all by itself because then it would mean paying an astronomical price just to obtain it and maintain its originality.

Even with some of today’s ready-to-wear collections you are not going to walk away with a $19.99 price tag.  More along the lines of $100 and up and that’s starting at the low-end of being generously speaking.

I attempted to answer her question in the tone to which she asked it to pretty much sooth her curiosity.  Looking at BCBG Max Azria they have three different clothing lines.  Their 2007 runway collection was designed for the spring edition for the runway, which was sold at boutiques and some online at  You find that they carry a higher price tag than their ready-to-wear collection.  They have a limited edition which is sold in boutiques, but not online.

BCBG Max Azria also has a couture line which at that time used to be considered their higher end line.  But since then you can find their line in various boutiques and is mostly known as just Max Azria.  Many of their line will still bear the BCBG brand, but are not as pricy as they used to be.

It’s likely that you’ll be much more luckier to find ready-to-wear editions in boutiques than you would those editions made simply for the runway.  Whether or not there is a far more underlining to this question, this is the best answer I was able to come up with.

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