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Style File: Weekend Thrifty Finds

January 29, 2011

This weekend edition of Style File takes us to spending an afternoon in Hollywood with my daughter, where while returning home we embarked upon an unexpected stop in Hollywood’s Goodwill Thrift Store simply to browse around and, of course, to see what the weekend collection looked like.

Because it seems the 1970’s are trying to make a comeback in today’s much more modern times, I managed to come across this Go-Go dress by Charades.  Isn’t it delicious?  The colors in this dress are timeless and remind me of that golden era when disco was in and short dresses was the norm.  Club 54 was the hottest spot in town from the 1960’s spilling over into the 1970’s, and Go-Go dancers the main entertainment.

Though I was born in 1967, growing up in the 1970’s was a blast and being exposed to all the fashion and the music of that time was nostalgic.  The dress is 100% polyester with a val lour feel to it.  Perfect for wearing to any 1970’s event.  The dress was priced at $3.99.

Next up, clear platform high heel shoes by Ellie which caught my attention, and you know I couldn’t leave without them.

The shoes carry a 6 inch ball stack-like heel with a 1 inch platform and clear straps and open toe with a single rhinestone strip.  And there is a cushioned instep for a comfort wear.

Ideally, I can see myself stepping out in the nightclub scene, wearing a hot ensemble.  These shoes were a steal at $9.99.

Ok, so many of you may be wondering, “how on earth did she find a Louis Vuitton Petite Bucket Hand Bag in a thrift store?”  I know how crazy it sounds, but you’ll never be surprised at what you will find in any thrift store.  Is it authentic? That is the one question I did ask myself.  Anyone who is a Louis Vuitton connoisseur will have a keen eye in being able to look for the tell-tell signs of true authenticity, but because it’s been several years since I’ve owned a true Louis Vuitton (I do have one) I feel that the best way to know for sure is to go to the source…a Louis Vuitton store where authenticity is their middle name and the representatives can tell you everything you need to know when a question of authenticity is at hand.  This bag also came with a coin purse as do the most current Pettite Bucket Hand Bag does.  Very, very cute, and I’ve always wanted one, but who can afford it in these times?  I like the adjustable straps on both sides and the double pockets inside.

These petite bucket bag retails over $1,000.  Given the fact that not everyone can honestly afford to walk into a store and lay down that kind of cash, or slap down a mega credit card on the counter, many of us will do the next best thing, and that’s go to where we know people will throw away items that they no longer want, i.e. a thrift store.  What’s that saying I used to hear?  Oh, “One person’s throw-a-way is another person’s treasure.”  In this case, the items I picked up at Goodwill were definitely a good find for me.  I got away with it at a price of $24.99.

I’m sure I’ll be turning heads when I step out looking sharp as ever on a thrifty budget.  Now, I am one who has said that I wouldn’t make thrift shopping an every day thing for me given the fact of where it is I’ve come from and what it is I’ve had to work towards, but I will admit that you can find some great designer finds if you take your time and simply look.

I spent a total of, with tax, $38.97 today.  You can’t beat that!  Thrift shopping is turning out to be where consumers are turning to in the efforts of cutting cost during these hard times.  There is an increase in thrift shopping across the board because, face it, many of us have been forced to change our spending habits in order to survive.  Even I have had to rethink the way I have felt about thrift shopping.  But keep in mind it’s not for everybody.  You have to know what to look for, check for quality, and look for items that you’d be willing to hold on to for a long time.

This is the weekend edition of Style File, I hope the next time you’re in a thrift store, what you find will be your treasure for keeps.

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