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Web Blog Comments: What is and What is Not Acceptable

February 4, 2011

Since February 2010 I have loved the overall development of this web blog.  Its growth has been phenomenal and I have truly loved the support, all of the feedbacks, and comments that have helped fuel the strength of it.  At the same time I feel the need to set some ground rules on some of the comments that are received; what is and what is not deemed acceptable leading to permanent deletion of those comments.

As much as I love receiving the feedback and responding to as many comments as I possibly can, please know that there are those comments that I just have no other alternative but to delete permanently due to unreadable content, spam, vulgarity and fowl content which is by no means acceptable to this web blog.  No exception.

There are readers and viewers of this web blog that are from all over, therefore, comments that are approved, keep in mind, that everybody else is reading them, so if I allow spam, unreadable emails, or even vulgar and offensive comments, think of how many of my viewers I am offending, upsetting with spam, or would think I’ve lost my mind by approving unreadable comments otherwise considered as spam; this can possibly lead to losing my following.  I cannot permit this.

So it is with great respect that I ask ALL viewers reading posts on Studio5’s web blog content to please, please refrain from posting inappropriate content of any kind would be deemed offensive to any and everyone else.  By purposely posting these types of comments, they will be deleted without a second thought.

I have other blogs that some comments I have seen on the Studio5 web blog may be more appropriate for the other blogs.  Blogs some of my viewers may be interested in includes the following:

  • Intimate Treasures,, is for negligee, lingerie, more geared towards our favorite undergarments, sexy attire, and articles.  This web blog talks about the latest in adult wear, however, is kept tasteful and does not cross any lines of vulgarity.
  • Technicom Solutions,, is a tech-related web blog which posts information on various tech-related subjects to include anti-virus software, backing up your computer/lap top systems, how to recognize spam emails, etc.  If you have a comment or question that based on your technology and/or software needs, I’d recommend posting it on this blog.
  • Straight Talk,, is a community web blog that discusses everyday issues that we face.  Posts on this web blog talks about current events, gives opinions on recently discussed issues, and talks about everyday life as a whole.  This web blog does not cross any lines of vulgarity.
  • Savvy Hair Studio,, talks about the best care for black women’s hair today.  The best products, tips and techniques, irons, the best salons, and much, much more.  Your hair related comments and suggestions, suggested tips and questions can be posted on this web blog.
  • Assistant Services & Associates,, is a service-related web blog created to inform the business community and increase the awareness of the services that are available, and to include posts on various issues relating to the workforce, resume issues, best credit cards for building and rebuilding credit, business matters and other areas of interests.

Other blogs:

In closing, as a courtesy to others, whatever your comment may surround please be sure that it is appropriate, not offensive to anyone else in any way, and will not be grounds for being deleted. This rule that applies to the Studio5 web blog also applies to my other web blogs as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for being considerate of others.

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