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The Ultimate Red Dress

February 11, 2011

How do you represent Valentine’s Day in terms of your fashion gear?  If you’re heading out to an event where the dress code is your best dressed, may I recommend a flaming red dress this Valentine’s season?  You may be thinking, “is she for real?”  Of course I am.  Have you even seen the red dresses from last year and for this year?  They are very elegant and classy that it would almost be shameful to not sport one.

Ok, so I especially love this dress that Carla Gugino wore.  You’ve the little black dress which is what every girl must have in her closet.  So what about the little red dress?  I love the back of this dress so cleverly created, looks likes she is blossoming.

Another dress I managed to find while surfing the internet was this Aidan Mattox dress, #427650, priced at a hefty $365.  But hey, you have to pay for beauty, class and style, right?  I like this dress because it’s simple, doesn’t have to work with a whole lot to look sexy.  You can go to to see their dress gallery and find a store where to purchase.

This reminds me of the dress Megan Fox wore at the Jonah Hex movie premier last year.  This dress is sexiness at its best.  The silk dress comes well equipped with a very low-cut neck line exposing more than an attractive cleavage for any woman who could afford to wear this dress.  The blood red color is quite the head turner.  I would have to say it’s elegance personafied.

With her physique it is very easy for her to style this dress giving it a sultry look with her hair and makeup.  Paired with the right shoes and clutch purse to not take away from the over all look.

If you choose to go the red look for your Valentine’s night out, remember to keep it stylish, classy and tasteful.  There is such a thing as over and under doing it, and if you’re going to be the one turning heads, you certainly want to be doing it just right.

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