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Shoes by GUESS

February 18, 2011

Guess is certainly continuing to turn heads with their eye-catching shoes that’ll make your jaw drop.  And since becoming a huge fan of platform high heels, which makes it much easier to wear 5-inch heels, Guess is always the one to watch.

I spent some time checking out the latest addition to Guess and was astonished at the sweet collection of platform high heels that have graced the fashion platform of shoes. 

When you think of slingbacks you don’t usually associate them with platforms higher than one inch and a 5-inch heel.  Times have changed and shoe designers have definitely given shoes a new and totally redesigned look, thus taking the old and traditional look, bringing it into more modern times.

These shoes rightly labelled Delightful carry a comfortable wear set atop a corked heel and platform canvassed in a leather material with an open toe and buckle detail.  It’s a stylish shoe that can jazz up any jean ensemble.  They come in dark multi brown (shown), multi brown, and one other color I saw in Google Images. 

What makes these an attractive slingback is how the brown and blue flows together.  If you’re interesting in purchasing these particular ones, you can find them at for $69.30 during their President’s Day sell.  You have to hurry because this is a limited time so you don’t want to miss out on getting them.

I am trying to see who would have these available because I think with the spring/summer seasons well on the way these floral arrangement design would be a bonus to my Guess collection.

At any rate the Delightful collection from Guess, from what I’ve seen originally retailed for about $109.  I was lucky enough to snag them at a staggering low price of $35.99, which is almost a $74.00 savings.  And I believe there was a time when Nordstrom was selling them around $99, but even at $69.30 is still a good price.

Suede is becoming the new leather of the shoe era as we are seeing more styles represent some hot looks in todays trends.  Even though these were the 2010 season, I couldn’t help but showcasing them on my web blog just to show how much Guess is putting out in the shoe department.

Why not take the edge off of having a drabby shoe collection by adding a pair of these exquisite and delightful Marciano Balinda Ankle-Wrap Sandal from Guess.  These go far beyond just be charming, but they offer a dramatic look to being stylish and elegant.  Every shoe-fanista deserves to treat herself to a lavish buy, why not let these metal stud detail, cutout design on rich suede and stacked wooden heels be the ones you treat yourself to.   They look like they would be a comfortable fit with the wide ankle strap and adjustable buckle.  If you’ve noticed wide adjustable buckles are definitely the trend.  Priced at $188 at the time, it’s not sure if they are still sold anywhere, but they certainly are gorgeous.  If you find them, they are worth indulging your feet in the hottest pair of suede by Marciano.

Let’s not stop there.  I have been wanting to get my hands on this hot ticket item.

Oh my God, you cannot tell me that you would not want to have these as part of your Guess collection.  I saw them once and never went back to get them.  Every time I see them I want to kick myself because I very well could have gotten them at the time.

Talk about elegance at its best, or should I say elegance personified.  These colorful beauties can upstage any other pair of shoes in your collection, would certainly win you the attention of being the best shoe dressed if you were stepping out on the town.

The Fluy collection grabbed my attention from the Guess web site.  Get a true femme fatale look with these amazing stilettos. Open toe design features silver-tone ring near toe with adjustable buckle on side.  Stacked platform at 1 1/2 inch and heel at 4 1/2 inches.  You get a choice of three colors, pewter leather, black and natural multi-fabric.  Talk about a sexy shoe.  The dynamic of this shoe is unbelievable.  It’s stylish, chic, and is crafted for the purpose of boosting your wardrobe.

I could on and on about my favorites from Guess. But you get the gist of what I’m talking about if you’re a Guess fan.

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