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This Week in Fashion: The Strangest Shoes You’ll Ever See

February 22, 2011

Hanging out with my daughter over the weekend, browsing the internet going from one site to another she showed a site that seems to be the favorite among some of her friends.  In the process I ran across some rather strange shoes.  I’d seen these shoes several months ago, but never paid all that much attention to them except for the fact they were strange.  Seeing them again sparked me to take a much closer look only to realize just how strange and impractical they truly are.

Tell me, could you really see yourself wearing something like these?  Could you see yourself on the dance floor dancing the night away?  Honestly, I don’t think you could take one step out of your room with these strapped to your feet. 

Weirdositylives posted these oddities on their blog.  I’d like to believe that perhaps they were just created for this photo, and that I can see, but to honestly considering wearing as real shoes would be something to see.

Pennyblossoms posted these (below) strange creations that really had my eyes popping.  It was one of those I can’t believe it moments.  Seriously?  Were these designers looking to really break ground with their creations or were they just having fun to see what type of attention they would get?  There is definitely nothing wrong with freedom of expression to create.

Look, they’ve got feet!  Have you ever seen such a wonderment?  Looks like little puppies trailing this young lady along going about her day? 

I was trying to find a picture that showed the front of them so I could if they had little puppy faces, but even looking at this angle it’s safe to say they don’t.  But really!!!  I think this was just a matter of having fun and seeing just how much attention one could get.  What a stroke of genius.

You can’t be complete without stepping your foot in this interest pair.  Also from Weirdositylives, I think I was more amazed to that these were even fashioned to creat half a pair of shoes.  Very interesting.  It would have been fun to show off these feet shoes in such a fashion.  I just wonder what would walking and dancing be like.

Ever did I see something as primitive as these.  We can’t leave out the men, of course.

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I saw these on My Color Fashion.   Incidentally, they have a pretty good collection of strange shoes you must see in order to understand the strangeness of shoes that are actually out there.  Like the high chair shoes.  That’s right, I did say high chair shoes.  Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, and there is someone walking around in a pair of high chair shoes.

What?  You thought I was joking? I’d like to know whereMy Color Fashion managed to snag a photo of these.

While making your legs look sexy with the high heel appeal, walking in these can’t be all that easy to acquire without risking a stumble or two here or there.

Being a top fashion icon in your day will set you a part from any trend you’d be attempting to set.

“While this shoe at least serves one fundamental purpose of a shoe; covering your foot, it’s missing another key element. Fashion lovers willing to risk wearing this design better be professional acrobats, because walking cannot be an easy feat,”  pointed out by My Color Fashion.  What are they referring to?  Just when you thought shoes couldn’t get any stranger they wow us with these booties that are missing one thing…the heel.
Well, I’ve scowered the internet in search of some of the strangest shoes.  And what I saw has forever changed the way I see shoes, loving them all that much more in a more sensible way.  So the next time someone tells you you’re wearing an awful pair of shoes, tell that person to go and look up “strange shoes” and see just how their attitude becomes reshaped.
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