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Sexy Shoe Couture

February 23, 2011

For as long as I can remember sex and shoes have been long associated with each other in terms of the clothes women and the profession some shoes are closely related.

It’s ironic how today when you see some of the sites that sell a wide variety of shoes, the manufacturers tha represent and supply these shoes receive mixed feelings based on the reputation behind them. 

I want to set the record straight because shoes have evolved over the past twenty years, taking shoes to a whole new level.  Shoes are no long just dignified as industry preferred or socially related because they have been given a wide spectrum of review where the younger generation of women are widely concerned.

Generally when you hear Pleaser USA, someone who is familiar with their shoe line or a partial of their shoe line is quick to associate them with supplying stripper shoes. 

As an avid shoe shopper, and as long as I’ve known of Pleaser USA, I’ve long since raised the argument that their shoes go beyond the stereotype that wrongfully categorizes them with the adult industry, where I happen to know for a fact that their selection of shoes stretches beyond a wide variety of shoe consumers whose style choice and taste far advances and exceeds what has been perceived as ideal shoes on a tasteful level.

I purchased these Pleaser USA shoes, Chic-25 about four years ago to wear one Easter Sunday with a pink skirt set.  They were well received and did not cross any boundaries of appearing to be inappropriate for the occasion.  You can find these on Snaz75 for $39.99.  Only thing is you have to be used to wearing shoes made on this order otherwise, for some, it can be most uncomfortable. 

Does this shoe look stripperish?  Of course it doesn’t.  It’s a rather nice looking pair of shoes outlined in baby pink and can actually transcend various occasions without the risk of borderlining on the obscene.

This is another eye-catching pair of shoes I just stumbled across today that are currently sold on for $42.  You can also find the black ones on Snaz75 for $43.99, and on for $57. 

I love how they are outlined in lace with the white trim.  The platform and 6-inch heel add just the right touch of sex appeal with a subtle approach.  Very chic!

On one hand I could see how someone would raise a brow at these babies if you stepped in church on a Sunday morning, but considering their look and style, and what some women are wearing to church nowadays (church is becoming more like a fashion show than anything else) you can’t say they would not be appropriate for an event where these shoes would work just fine with the right outfit.  They would make a fine addition to anyone’s shoe collection.

In another post I wrote a long time back, I talked about how platform shoes have come away from solely being related to the stripper genre, giving women more of a gratifying choice in shoe selections.  Of course adding to shoe fetishes dream collection.

For some women who fancy 5-6 inch heels will find that having a 1-2 inch platform on a 5-6 inch heel makes it much more easier to wear rather than a single sole, and is not as hard on their back, legs and feet.

Shoe designers have boldly combined the trashy look with class and elegance to create some of the most fabulous styles of high heels that we can either wear to the work office, church, or out on the town on the nightclub scene, in other words, enjoy them in a whole new light

Ok, so I’ve shown you some simple and graceful looks, let’s look make it interesting by looking at some other styles that scream sex appeal, and challenges the boundaries of what would be considered wearable and downright inappropriate for occasional events or the work environment, or just designed to entertain the whole idea of belonging to a group of individuals with amazing shoe fetishes.

Fetish shoes have paved the way for the strange at heart and the most interesting, which crosses the lines of the dominatrix era and beyond.   The ballerina high heel shoes are just one shoe that has given ballet a whole new meaning.  Basically they took a pair of ballerina slippers and stuck an 8-inch heel to them and thus the name, “Ballerina Heels.”

What’s fun about some of the styles we are continuing to see today is not only that they are available for anyone to purchase, they allow us to explore our inner inhibitions.  They allow us to break our own rule of moral standards and decentcy, which let’s us create a whole new look for ourselves, or what is looked at as being one way by day and living another way by night.  You get the gist.

I love to experiment with new looks and styles of shoes, and every year it seems to be something a little different that I’m adding to my ever growing shoe collection.  It’s not a shoe fetish, it’s more like an obsession, an addiction, one that I enjoy.  

Even I have my limits in determining what I will and will not wear, so as not to step outside of what my usual has been.  Don’t get me wrong, on occasion I will break my own rule of never buying anything like that just to see what type of response I’ll get, like when I made up my mind to buy these gorgeouse blue suede strappy 6-inch high heel sandals.  I went outside of everything I believe in when I chose to buy these.  Blue us my favorite color, and I convinced myself they would look exquisite on my feet.

When you hear 7 1/2 to 8-inch heel what do you think of?  You wouldn’t think it would be anything out of the normal, or you’d wonder “who in their right mind would wear such a shoe.”  Believe me there are people out their whose mind is so far gone in the term of shoe obsessed that if I told you these shoes exist beyond the normal realm of shoes you’d be shocked.  Just as there are the ballerina shoes I showed you, there are the high heeled platform sandals that make a 4 foot tall woman appear to be over 5 foot tall probably.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a super model strut herself down the runway in a pair.  You think we had stumbling models on the runway.  With these shoes, they’d be tumbling.

In fact I can’t really say who’d be willing to wear these humongous shoes outside of performers.

Unbelievably so these giants exist to the extent they you can find them just about anywhere, even Maya Shoes of Hollywood. 

I, myself, can’t see myself wearing them regardless of my height.

I’ll admit they are an attractive shoe, but a little on the monstrous side if you asked me, and yet they meet the criteria for the sexy shoe couture look of today. 

As they offer an extreme value of sex appeal for the boldest, the exhibitionist to the heart, and for the daring, I think these are a style of shoes that are never going to go away any time soon even with the creation of more modern styles catered to the more dignified woman who will insist that a lady is supposed to be nothing more than a lady of grace, poise and elegance, not how women are portrayed in today’s society.  If there weren’t room for exploring and sampling, where would the fun be.  Frankly, I think they’d give one hell of a performance in the bedroom if you know what I mean.

High heels of today’s time add to the “sex sells” theory.  It also adds to the “adds sex appeal” that so many of us shoe-anistas can’t be without.  Understand a true high heel wearer will explore as many facets of the shoe industry as possible — as many as she can to see how far she will go in terms of where she will draw the line at what will be the extent of her limitations.

It’s not just the high heels that oozes temptation and sassiness, but high thigh-high boots take it to the max.  This is one I haven’t quite gotten into.  I mean, to an extent I can’t help associate these boots with the wrong arena of activities. 

Thigh high boots in general have been poorly portrayed as hooker boots, which is unfair to the overall design themselves and an insult to the boot sector.  If we have been paying any attention at all, we’d know that they marvel a variety of uses that give them an element of control, the level of seductiveness is heightened and playtime is always a blast.  Thigh high boots have come away from the negative image where they have been widely associated, and has been given a newer sense of look and style.  They are worn with jeans, shorts, and skirts…not necessarily associated with the adult industry. 

Basically, sexy shoes reaches a lot of women who see them as a way to jazz up their wardrobe, lift their self-esteem, and give them a level of self-confidence that is out of this world.

Regardless of how the old-fashioned views the world of shoes as we now know them today, we are living in a world of new generations whose imagination and sense of style has given us a face lift and a new life in the world of shoes and how we garner the wear of them.

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