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What to Wear with Boleros

March 8, 2011

What are Boleros?  They are the shrug little jackets (or sweaters) that come just above the waist.  You can find Boleros in a variety of types and styles.  Some short sleeved, some laced, some fur, some that resemble short coats.  At any rate they are today’s trends that many girls and some women have fancied as a part of their wardrobe.  Photo from Fashion Directory.

But have you bought a bolero whether laced, taffeta, or a sweater for the first time and have been stumped as to what to wear it with?  The ideas as to what they can be worn with are endless.  Some Boleros can be worn with wedding dresses.  They can be worn over a sleeveless turtle neck, they can be worn with a strapless top or dress.  It’s fun getting creative with them, especially with the many styles and designs there are.

This silk taffeta Bolero was featured on Lushlee.  I love the dramatic look the ruffles presents.  The topped sleeves with the ruffles and the overall appeal.  Can easily be worn with something lace.

Boleros are very popular in today’s fashion.  Some of the looks are far extreme than others, which making them accessible for special occasions such as weddings or other events.

This Bolero from Zellaguide caught my attention.  I especially love the color, how it accents the overall design.  The floral arrangement is also a nice touch.

Boleros are fun and sassy, they can be elegantly designed or they can be given a casual approach to a casual kind of day.

Another snapshot of Boleros comes from Catwalk Queen who shares their views on “what to wear with those strappy and strapless dresses.”

Don’t want the hassle of carrying a coat or sweater, a Bolero can solve the problem just as quickly as throwing on a coat, which you can easily leave in the car.  Wearing a Bolero can do the job in covering up your shoulders and your arms, or just adding a different look to what you’re wearing.

The price of Boleros does depend on style and design, and where you purchase them.  Generally I purchase mine from Ross Stores, or the local boutique, which incidentally, always has them.  The latest Bolero I picked up was just over $16.00, and had long sleeves.  I wore it with a sleeveless turtle neck and a pair of capris pants, and some killer open toe ankle boots, that laced and zipped up.  Talk about an outfit on a different scale for me.  But it was hot!

So don’t be shy.  If you haven’t thought about what to wear with your Bolero, the possibilities are endless.  Aside from a strapless and strappy dresses, a pair of jeans with a tank top also works well.

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