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Style File: Kirstie Alley’s New Look

April 23, 2011

This week Style File shines its spotlight on the former Cheers star and Jenny Craig spokesperson, Kirstie Alley, who has certainly shifted gears in her approach to getting in gear and in step on Dancing With the Stars.

Every body knows she’s had her ups and down battling weight problems over the years and has even been labeled with having an occasional bad attitude, but for some reason this famed babe has managed to stay true to herself and keep it real, and even stay in the spotlight.

Looking at her now compared to where she’s come from since her days with Jenny Craig, you’d hardly believe she was the same person, or you’d find it hard to believe that she ever struggled with her weight.

People I’ve spoken to who have experienced her personally have said they hoped that with the weight loss, they hoped her attitude had a major adjustment as well.  Some seem to think that stardom went to her head making her forget that it’s fans who sky rocketed her to success and not just her looks and talent from spending the last seasons on Cheers.

I’ll be the first to admit that she looks good now.  I am happy for her and never gave up being a fan of the Kirstie, but I can’t help wonder what would happen if she gets voted off Dancing With the Stars.  Will she succumb to depression?  Will she go on an eating binge?  Will she become this evil person who can’t be dealt with?  Will she revert to the bad attitude having fiend.

I’ve not seen the show since she’s been on it and I’ve seem to have heard nothing but hysterical mishaps week after week.  Is this a lame attempt to build up a satire reputation?

Moreover and more importantly she knows she looks good,  it shows in all avenues of her appearances, strutting her stuff wearing a red Nicole Miller stretch ruche dress and shoes by David Tate-Grace.

So we can graciously say that Kirstie is clearly feeling a lot more confident about her body now, and has no problems with showing off more of her body than we’ve seen since her Jenny Craig days.

She was bold and daring when she sported a slim waist in a jumpsuit with a sheer waist panel when she danced the foxtrot on the show.  I will say that after the show, I hope she bodes well in maintaining a lean body and keeps her head on tight.

We should be expecting to see a lot more of Kirstie Alley as time goes on, but one can only tell.

The former Cheers star said before starting her Dancing With The Stars journey that one of the main reasons she was taking part in the show was to shed the pounds.

I read that she told US Weekly magazine that she lost 60 pounds with 30-40 pounds go.  If she keeps it up, I don’t doubt she’d lose the weight.  Dancing With the Stars is certainly a good way to go about it.  It’s a strenuous job, but she looks like she’s having fun in the process.

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