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This Week in Fashion: Another Look at the Little Black Dress

May 13, 2011

For as long as I can remember the little black dress has been famed for its elegant look, style and design.  It is its own discussion piece that spans several decades. 

Today little black dresses are highly represented at various events, special occasions, and some social gatherings.  My favorite is the after five cocktail hour. 

Cocktail parties tend to be where high class glamour, elegance, and beauty go hand-in-hand, a transformation from the 9 to 5 working woman to the woman of chic and grand splendor.  Women are delivered into a whirlwind of high self-confidence when all eyes are on them, and they know they are beyond looking better than their best.

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The little black dress is the classic garment of the iconic fashion industry.  No woman should be without investing in an assorted collection.  It makes good, valuable fashion sense, and they add excitement to any woman’s wardrobe.

They offer sophistication, sex appeal, and sheer class to the modern day woman.  “Some looks are just timeless. Whether you go to the expense of buying a lavish designer dress or simply choose a high street imitation, you know they are going to look good,” from   

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The 1950’s Audrey Hepburn Style Black Dress is one of many dresses from that time period where we can truly appreciate how designers captured the grace and beauty of women who dressed in the best of fashion, remaining true to their taste, look and style. 

That time era continues to leave a positive mark on the fashion industry of today and resonates heavily on my mind of just how far we’ve come to elegantly dress generations in new styles and styles reborn, of the little black dress.

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