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Who Wore it Best: The Refaeli and Silvstedt Show Stopper

May 20, 2011

It’s another time for my favorite segment, “Who Wore it Best,” where today I bring you the saga of two high-profile models showing up to the same event wearing the same exact dress.  In today’s iconic fashion industry it’s a common No-No among women attending gala events to not buy and wear the same dress or outfit to the same event.  It’s even a rule among most friends.  And in this case when it’s two high-profile models, one can only imagine what went through their heads when they looked at each other shocking wearing the same exact dress.   It wouldn’t so much bother me, but then again, it’s never happened to me.  I’ve been in similar situations where someone was wearing the same shoes me, but it didn’t matter, in fact I was more curious with whether or not she paid the same price or paid more or less.

So, as we have it, both Bar Refaeli and Victoria Silvstedt arrived at the Roberto Cavalli’s Cannes boutique and surprisingly enough, they were both fashioned in the same dress.  It’s a stunning dress, remarkably designed, and you couldn’t have had more beautiful women to wear it than them, but the question remains, who wore it best?

Sources say where the beautiful Victoria Silvstedt purchased her dress in Paris a week prior to the Wednesday night event, Refaeli’s dressed was loaned to her by the Roberto Cavalli press office.  Ironic, isn’t it?  Who would have ever thought in a million years that the two of them would show up at the same event wear the same thing?

In terms of who wore it best, if I had to choose, it would be hands down to Bar Refaeli regardless if the dress was loaned to her.  She looks stunning in it and it suits her very well.  I guess it’s her beautiful smile and her subtle sexiness that makes her shine overall in this dress, and in the picture she’s not trying to look as if she knows she beautiful.  The picture says it all.  Victoria Silvstedt?  Well, I’m keeping my remarks to myself, except I will say she looks good in it, but Bar Refaeli looks better.

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