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Tyra Banks’ Attempt at a Teenish Look

August 8, 2011

There is nothing wrong with dressing to look younger than you really are.  Many women can do it and get away with it and look damn good in the process.  But when do they cross the line of going over board, over doing it, or just shouldn’t do it at all?

I ran across this picture of Tyra Banks  on Yahoo’s OMG and I was a little thrown that she decided to wear this leather piece to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.  Really?  Don’t get me wrong, I love Tyra because she’s doing so much for young girls today that her work is phenomenal.

Before I read the write-up about her strutting her stuff at the awards show I couldn’t help but wonder if she is doing a promo for an upcoming movie staring Cat Woman — then I read the write-up.

This was not an appropriate outfit to wear where there are thousands of teens present and even more tuning in.  The question I have is what did she think she’d get out of wearing this one-piece leather mistake?  Let me reiterate that I love Tyra, but this was not a good choice to wear to such a teen iconic awards show.

We all know she’s a beautiful woman with a stunning figure [now] and I don’t think she needed to make that any clearer than she did in her appearance.  This is one time I honestly think she should have second guessed this outfit because it just doesn’t work for this event.  The “I can wear anything” attitude was given great heights that evening, but the timing was not working in her favor.

She could have fashioned herself in an ensemble that would have still given her a young look without taking away from her gorgeousness.  And of course, she doesn’t have to try too hard to look as fabulous as does, which leads me to my final point of her red carpeting an appearance in an outfit that has definitely put her in the “what was she thinking” category, and this will be a memorable moment for a while because it is not the first time she’s come out in a questionable look.  Anyone remember the web mask?

You knew I had to bring it up!  This was probably one of those moments when the public and fans, and the media alike just stopped and gasped.  It was one of the paparazzi moments that they just couldn’t get enough of, trying to figure out what was going through her mind when she wore this number.

It didn’t do anything for the overall look, it was downright weird, and at first I thought Tyra was going through some middle-age crisis.  She told reporters she went to “crazy places” to find a mask to wear to a masquerade ball October 2010.  Oh, yes, she certainly did go to crazy places because this webbed mask didn’t do much for whatever it was she was trying to pull off.  Uh, it was a masquerade ball!  That webbed mask said nothing about being to the affect.

Having said that, I can only wonder what will the America’s Next Top Model host and former Victoria’s Secret Angel do for an encore performance.  I will say this, her boldness and gutsiness is what keeps her in the public eye and she lives by the statement that women can be and do anything they put their minds to.  She’s a walking testament of that fact.  I’ll give her that respect.

Photos from Yahoo! OMG and NY Daily News.

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