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Tuxedo Wear for the Right Occasion

August 26, 2011

The growing popularity over men’s suits being transformed into women’s wear is reaching record recognition among women who find this style attractive, stylish, and above all else, sexy.

My favorite of this engaging style is the twist on tuxedo wear.  I’ve been scoping this pretty number from Fredericks of Hollywood.  Their take on tuxedo wear for women in this form is subtle but sexy and lets the women create a look that’s alluring and appealing.

What we are seeing is that this look is not gender specific.  With modifications in detail women with an eye for this style are quick to be enlightened by what it adds to their current way of dressing.

What makes the tuxedo look so appealing is that it is fashioned in different styles, such as the one-piece halter pant suit jumper topped with a sexy hat.  Variety is always a woman’s secret weapon because with variety, women are not just restricted to one style.

Tuxedo suits for women are top shelf.  I believe this edge on fashion simply lets men know that we are not just exploring one side of fashion designed for women, but designers are using their keen sense of designing talent to create outside the box, taking men’s fashion and catering to the specific specifications of women.

Katie Holmes proved that point when she appeared wearing a double breasted jacket paired with wide leg trousers both by MaxMara, attending a Vanity Fair and MaxMara dinner on June 15 in West Hollywood.

She looked exquisite in this suit, especially the way she let her hair hang down, posing for a photographic moment.  This is a sophisticated look for women if worn in proper fashion, meaning the look and fit has to be just right and it meets all levels of being well formed.  Katie Holmes photo from Celebrity Fashion.

This makes the tuxedo look all that much more appropriate for special occasions.  Depending on your desired look and style, you can create a look that, again, is not  gender specific. It doesn’t take a whole lot to create this look, you just have to know where to go.

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