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Dress Shorts vs. Casual Shorts

September 2, 2011

There is the misconception that dress shorts that some women wear to work are the same as casual shorts.  What many corporate elites to realize or have not taken time to consider is that what makes dress shorts are the ability to slip on a pair of high heels, a nice top and/or a blazer and wear thus creating an ensemble for the office.

Your casual shorts may fall in the lines of what you would more than likely lounge around at home in, or wear on a “Casual Friday” at work with a pair of tennis, low wedges, flip flops or sandals.  With that in mind there are a wide range of shorts that fall into the two categories.  It’s knowing which category they fall in and the appropriate way to approach it.

Short suits spells it out much clearer because they are specifically designed for the office.  They are not too short, mostly down to the knees or at mid-thigh length, but are tasteful and can be comfortably worn as office attire.

Dress shorts have become a dramatic addition to office attire, that is, however, you work for a major corporation where the dress code is strong enforced that rules out the acceptance of dress shorts in the corporate environment where reputation is above and beyond everything.

Casual shorts are in a whole new fashion of their own which falls in to various styles and categorical genres.  Beach, outdoor activities, weekend wear, lounging around the house, sporting events, bedtime, just to name a handful of how casual shorts represents other facets of our lives outside of the corporate/office arena.  And this is where denim shorts fit well in.

Too, there are those times where we can find a job that welcomes all attire depending on the individual position where casual well is welcomed.  But at the same time keeping it appropriate and tasteful in the office is still a rule well maintained.  No one wants to see booty shorts walking around the building all day long, do they?

What’s fun about some casual shorts is they can be transformed into office wear and visa versa with some dress shorts, they can be transformed into casual wear weekend for hanging out at the mall, wearing out to the nightclub, or just sitting around the house.

This is one of the reason why I love wearing these types of shorts because the are versatile that you can create a variety of looks with them and can find them at a number of places at dynamite places.

In short there is a place and time for your shorts may they be dress or casual.  Be sure to click on the images to see where they originated and to read about the styles I’ve selected for this post.

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