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Fall/Winter Season 2011

September 26, 2011

As we all have said goodbye to the long-awaited summer, we now begin to grasp the reality that we are now heading into the fall/winter seasons.  The fashion weeks have long since be going along, and designers have put in their blood, sweat and tears into creating fashion that would go beyond the mark of dazzling trendsetters with new and stylish designs soon to be ready to come flying off the racks just as quickly as they fill up boutiques and department stores.

We are preparing to enter a new phase of seasons.  It becomes time when we have to start packing away the summer wear and rise up to the challenge of new fashions trends for the fall and winter weather.

Studio5 has been watching to see what fashions weeks have presented and it’s safe to say that this season we can expect to see more double breasted jackets and blazers.  The market is hot this season as designers crank out new styles giving the man’s look a more feminine approach. gives us a glimpse of what designers are rolling out for the cooler days ahead.  This is growing trend is gaining much headway in popularity as fashion continues to heighten each year.

Whether you prefer dark colors like blacks, grays, and more neutral colors there are styles and designs to suite that taste; there are also the bright eye-popping colors that seem to set the tone for the bold and daring, the woman not afraid to show her fashion flare.

The combinations are very well coordinated and can present an ambiance of styles that are definitely garnered to welcome in the cooler days of the fall and winter seasons.

Of course, and as I keep my eye on fashion, I’d like to see the return of older and favorite trends that have been well embraced by fashionistas all over.  One is the sweater dress typcally worn with boots during cooler/colder days.  Leather pants with double breasted blazers and jackets, a turtle neck long or short sleeve sweater is an attractive look; long and short sleeved faux fur boleros are fun and sassy and dresses up a pair of jeans and knee high boots just nicely.  These are just some of the styles I’ve fashioned over the last couple of years and have found them to be very stylish and trendy at best.

Faux fur trimmed sweaters are climbing the charts of must-haves.  These stylish pieces of art are making a name for themselves as they find their rightful place in the fashion industry.  Monroe and Main has spiced up the chart with their sleeveless sweaters with its jersey knit acrylis and cable knit panels.  The soft faux fur shawl collar is detachable, makes this beautiful sweater versatile; worn with the faux fur collar for a warm cozy look or without for a simple look.

Don’t forget your footwear.  We all know that we can’t go without attractive footwear as we’re stepping out in the hottest fashion this fall/winter.  Piper Lime is at the top of the list for the hottest styles in boots and sexy footwear for the woman of good taste.  Whether you’re looking for something simple or something that’s eye catching, Piper Lime caters to everyone’s taste, style, and mood for the right and best footwear.  Be sure to check out their latest styles and discounts.

Regardless of how exotic or how simple your style, fashion speaks to everyone on all levels.  Just remember with the cooler days ahead, dress responsibly.

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