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Style File: A Simple Saturday Night Partying Ensemble

October 8, 2011

When it comes down to getting out of the house for an evening out on the town with the girls, finding the right outfit seems to always take hours.  I want to look stylish, hot while looking trendy as well.  I like turning a daytime outfit into a nightclub ensemble that gets rave reviews.

I decided to go with the denim leggings from Avon.  Because everybody knows who is into leggings that can be transformed from day time to night time because of their being so universe in style.

And because I would be moving around most of the evening, comfort is important, so that meant they couldn’t be too tight or too loose to provide a good comfortable fit all the way around.

To jazz up these denim leggings I paired them with a this black sequined top by January 7 I purchased from my local boutique.  It gives a really good evening, sexy appealing look to it and sets the right tone for a fabulous night out.

It’s loose fit and spandex waist gives it a partying flair and it’s fun and trendy and has everything needed for looking good while out having a good time.

Although I’d recommend wearing a tank top underneath because of the wide, wide sleeves.

Shoes.  Ok, so you may be wondering with an outfit this hot, what shoes did I decide to go with to really set this ensemble off.   It took very little thought to figure that out.  I went with my black strappy high heel sandals I picked up from Ross Stores a couple of years ago, that just so happens to still look really, really good.

They just seemed to have the right edge needed to say, “nightclub.”  I could have gone with the glitter peep toe high heel pumps, but I was more drawn to the strappy high heel sandals because of their over all look and appeal.

This is a really simple outfit that took little time to throw together.  It’s great when you’re looking for something not too flashy and you are just going out to have a good time.

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