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Fun with Long Skirts

November 1, 2011

Hello to all my fashionistas out there.  Today I want to talk about “fun with long skirts.”  I remember back in the day long pleated skirts and long pleated wide leg pants was a hit style.  The blazers set off the style of the skirt worn with a sexy pair of stilettos or boots.  It’s not a style you would often see these days so I thought to myself today while out looking for a scarf (to replace the one that mysteriously disappeared), “why not bring back the style?”  So while out looking for my scarf I sort of browsed around for a nice long pleated skirt.  And by me being short, of course the skirt can’t be too long.

The thing is not just any skirt, pleated or not, will do.  In order to work with the right kind of shoes or boots it has to be the right kind of dress.  Like shown in this picture I found on  This is an elegant look, but with a vintage flair to it.  See the lace top and skirt with the layered detail.  The boots paired with this ensemble presents the right ambiance of look. Any other shoes or boots worn with this ensemble would just throw it off completely.

With the right skirt, you don’t necessarily have to stick with one look.  You can mix it up with a long sleeved turtle neck sweater, a blazer, but remember it all depends on the overall look of the skirt, and you have to have the right shoes and/or boots to pull it off.

I would have loved to have gotten my hands on the Print Maxidress Macy’s had in September.  That would have been a perfect dress to create the look I’m going for.  It’s has a nice length, and set off with the right boots…delicious!  It would have a smoking winter look.

I love the wide flair it has, the material it’s made out of makes it really chic and fashionable.  At $95 it would have been considered, to me, an investment worn well.

Long skirts fits all seasons, though, just not too many trendy and fashionable styles worth mentioning for the fall/winter seasons, at least I have not seen any.

So in the next few days you look for me to post some of my created looks with long skirts.  If you have a favorite fall/winter long skirt style you want to share, email me at

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