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Fashionable Strange Encounters

November 2, 2011

I recently told this story on one of my other blog.  I thought I’d share this with my fashion community as well.

So, yesterday, November 1, 2011, my day was kind of strange but in a good, funny kind of way. It started with me not being able to immediately find the pants I wanted to wear, so I had to quickly create a plan B. I wore the boots you see in the picture and my beige sweater dress which comes just a few inches above my knees. Really makes the boots stand out, I guess.

I took an afternoon walk after I ate my lunch at work and while walking past the Ross parking lot I literally got stopped by this Latino woman and her friend in a car coming out the parking because she wanted to tell me how much she loved my outfit, where I got my boots, and how beautiful she thought I was. It caught me by surprise. Me? Beautiful? I was like, “‘Wow!!!” She could tell she caught me off guard and we all started laughing. I thanked her very much, wished her a wonderful rest of her day and we all went on our way.

Ok, then after I picked up Chris from her stop we went to the Food for Less on Western and Venice. I had noticed a police car coming into the parking lot off of 18th Street. I didn’t think anything about it. She and I went into the store…we were only in there no longer than fifteen minutes then we came out. Coming out the store, this lady shouted how much she liked my boots. I smile and thanked her (understand they are nearing two years old come the end of this month). The same police car was coming back around and going down the aisle we were parked on while we were walking to the car. We went across Venice to Goodwill’s parking lot. This police car pulled up along side me while I was waiting for a parking space, and had me to stop the car and turn if off. Because I can’t open the window, I slowly opened the door to hear what he had to say. I got nervous and thought I’d done something wrong. Thought I’d committed a moving or traffic violation I was starting to panic because Lord knows I can’t afford one of those expensive tickets. So as I slowly opened the door, before I could ask if I’d done something wrong, he proceeded to ask me about my boots.

Ok, now that threw me for a loop. My boots? He said he saw me over at Food for Less walking to the car. I was like, “What? My boots?” Before I knew it I just started laughing. He said and I quote, “they are the biggest and baddest boots I’ve ever seen. Are they comfortable?” He proceeded to say he thought I looked very nice. I politely thanked him and he went on his way. Now that’s what I call a stalker move there to follow me from the Food for Less parking lot over to Goodwill or because he saw me pull into the lot, I don’t know which, but all in all that’s never happened to me before. And what’s ironic is I’ve worn this particular outfit a few times before and never got that much attention if any. What was different yesterday about it? I told Chris the officer stopped me just to ask about my boots. She literally jumped out the car and disappeared into Goodwill. She’d had enough of the boots saga.

The outfit I had on yesterday was very similar to the photo seen here above.  Except the sweater dress I had on yesterday was beige, had a swoop neckline and short sleeves and little pockets towards the bottom of the dress.

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