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Style File: A Different Kind of Sweater of a Boutique Find

November 8, 2011

This week Style File takes you to neighborhood boutiques, which are among the best places to find stylish and trendy apparel for the woman of fashion.  I’ve been fortunate enough to live near a boutique that has played a large roll in outfitting my closet with their trendy fashion year in and year out.

With the cold weather setting upon us one of the things I like to do every fall/winter season is update my sweater collection.  And one of the sweaters I picked up from my neighborhood boutique is this open knit sweater.

It took me about three months to decide if whether or not I wanted to buy this sweater.  It’s a beautiful sweater. The detail is just fabulous, and it’s very stylish.  Before purchasing it, I had to take into consideration what would wear well with it.  And because of the overall pattern and design, of course a shell worn underneath would have to be an added plus.

This is one of those sweaters that has to be handled with great care because of how it’s made.  Wearing it at first I felt a little constricted (not my normal wear of a sweater), but once I got use to maneuvering myself in it, it felt comfortable and had an ease of wear to it.

If you look closely you can see how the stitches are connected to obtain such a beautiful design of the sweater.  Very nicely detailed and quite different style of sweater added to my growing sweater collection.

I decided to go with a beige t-top shell under the sweater.  The detail of the sweater gives just a hint of the shell, which the color matches and blends very well.

This is not one of those sweaters you can just toss in the washing machine.  The absolute best care for this sweater is to hand wash in cold water with mild soap, and lay flat to dry.  Period!  Any other way of cleaning it and you’ve very well ruined a perfect sweater.

After getting the sweater and trying it on, I came to the conclusion that it has versatile advantages.  A number of fashionable looks can be  created.  You can go from day to night, or your weekend get around wear.  In this case, I went for an office attire look, so I chose to go with my tan stripped dress pants and ivory Brazilian T-strap high heel sandals from Cathy Jean.  Quite an outfit for the Executive Assistant.

If I were to take it to a night time look, I’d switch it up with a pair of my gold glitter high heel sandals and a nice brown or gold skirt.  Or a pair of black skinny jeans to set the entire ensemble a blaze.  If I really wanted to be sassy, go with my party shorts or capri pants.  Now that would say I’m ready to get the party started!  Color coordination is key with this sweater so doing it justice in wearing it in all the right fashionable ways makes a huge difference.

Overall, I am glad I made the decision to buy this gorgeous sweater.  It was a steal at $21.99, one of the best finds at my local boutique, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this perfect boutique find.  Next time you’re out shopping, be sure to check out what’s in your neighborhood.  You’d be surprised.

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