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From Venus With Love

November 10, 2011

If you haven’t heard, let me tell you about  Oh my God!  I just received their latest catalog weeks after having visited their site.  Quite ironic, if you ask me, but I was blown away by their fashion.  Haute…haute…haute!!!  The sweaters are to die for, their evening wear is elegant and chic and the weekend wear hits high marks in my fashion review.  In this post I review my favorite sweater picks for the fall/winter season.

My first purchase is this turquoise turtle neck sweater.  It also comes in pink and black/gray, but I like the colors in this one better.  Regular price is $29, it’s on sale right now online for $26.   The weather is changing and I like to keep warm, so as I am updating my sweater collection — out with the old and in with the new — I couldn’t go wrong with getting this sweater to add to my wardrobe.

This will go nicely with my black jeans, my black boots and my P-Coat, and my Donna Karan umbrella (for the wet and rainy days, of course).  I spoil myself when it comes to looking good.  I spoil my daughter because I want her to have good fashion sense as she gets older and understand that appearance is everything.

Here’s another sweater that’s got me drooling.  I tell you, I have never seen a sweater quite like this before.  Absolutely gorgeous!  This sleeve detail cardigan is refined adding glamour to your basic wardrobe.   It’s the perfect addition to any jean and T-shirt ensemble, sprucing up your weekend wear.

I love a good jean outfit that is not your regular dull and boring T-shirt and jeans.  Give me excitement, give me flair, give me elegance that draws positive attention that says, “she knows how to wear it well.”

I like weekend wear to be exciting and complimentary to how I’m dressed.  Otherwise I very well just shouldn’t leave the house. is a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry and is worth the investment.

This is sassy, fun and alluring all wrapped up in one.  What I like about this is the model shown here is wearing this as a stand alone sweater, thigh high boots and jeans.  Just the way I would wear it.  I just so happen to have a pair of black thigh high boots, too.  So I could duplicate this look with ease.   You won’t find anything like this at Ross Stores!!!

This is a sophisticated sweater and when you step out all eyes are going to be on you for sure.  The faux fur trim adds shear elegance to the sweater itself along the knitted ruffle line.  You can certainly dress up your jean ensemble with the number.

I love the sweater and the outfit overall, but this would be something along the lines my daughter would wear.  This is another one of those sassy ensembles ready for weekend day or night time wear, I would say.  Perfect for hanging out with your friends and certainly ideal for hitting the casual night spots.  It’s fun and flirty.

So, these are my sweater picks at  But let me tell you, their sizes are mostly geared to the petite/junior range, which means you will need to check the size chart before ordering.

Their prices are on the affordable side and with this being the holiday season, it’s a great place to find gifts for that special person.

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