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The Sweater Event at Ross Stores

November 11, 2011

By now you’ve probably seen advertised on television, Ross Stores’ Sweater Event happening this week.  Ordinarily, the Ross I go to on Alvarado, doesn’t have what’s advertised on television, but surprisingly, I took a chance yesterday to see if they had one particular sweater and I was in complete shock when I found it, and trust me, they only had two left in the entire store (because I actually took time to look).

I bet you’re saying, “oh, God! Not another post about a sweater!”  I’m sorry, ya’ll, I just couldn’t resist and anybody who knows me knows I love sweaters, especially ones that are different, unique, and completely out of the ordinary.

You have to admit that this is a hot sweater.  One of my friends called it a “Prince sweater…something like he’d wear.”  I had to agree all the way around because I’m a H-U-G-E Prince fan, and I do pay close attention to what he wears when he makes an appearance somewhere.  But anyway, I picked up this sweater.  I could have went to another Ross Stores to get a size medium, but I chose the large size because it fits comfortably, I have room to move around in and if I wanted to wear it with a long sleeve turtle neck I could.  And because I tend to have hot flashes, this was the perfect size.  One thing about this sweater that they don’t show you on the commercial is that it has a closure, which I didn’t notice until I saw that it had an extra button piece attached to the tag, leading me to locate the actual closure.  In the pictures below, I’m shown wearing it closed.

Today I chose to wear the sweater with my Jones New York black tank top, gray Liz Claiborne slacks, and my black buckle knee high boots.  The pants wear really well with the boots because they are long to the floor (just like I like my pants because I’m short), and wearing heels of any kind gives them a really nice look.  The pants have sort of a wide leg at the bottom, too, making wearing them with boots an added compliment.  And believe it or not, the tank top, the pants and the boots also came from Ross Stores.  Priced together, the whole outfit comes just under $100 — you can get some pretty good deals at Ross Stores.

So this week my friends and co-workers have had their hands full in trying to beat the sweaters I’ve worn in just this week alone.  You can say that so far this month I’ve pulled off some pretty daring moves in wearing sweaters you don’t ordinarily see people wearing. I look for styles that are quite different in their own right, I like complication — something that’s hard to beat.  But that’s just me.  I grew up believing that different and bold is the norm.  People are either going to love your style that defines your personality and taste and will want to duplicate it, which I find is a compliment of how well you dress within itself; or they are going to hate your taste and style of dressing all the way around, in either case you are just being you, and me, well…I’m just being me.  And as my daughter tells is, I’m a complicated person because sometimes I just don’t like “simple.”  I do, but it depends on the situation, what it is, and how simple I think it is.  Otherwise, I do tend to be complicated when it comes to fashion and styles.

I see fashion as a form of expression, something that I don’t mind others duplicating.  I don’t mind sharing where I get my clothes and shoes from, sharing the savings and discounts with others.  We’re in a tough economy, so if anyone wants to save on buying clothes, why not share the information.  And besides, if anyone can take my style and make it their own and make it better, that’s fine with me more power to them…it just says my job is done, and it lets me know that someone is paying attention.  Fashion is for everyone, it just so happens that I’m in to sweaters and shoes.

Anyway, if you like the sweater featured in this post, take a trip over to your local Ross Stores.  I got mine for $26.99.  But you’d better go quickly as popular items don’t tend to last long.

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  1. paul permalink
    November 12, 2012 8:57 pm

    i saw sweater commercial went to store in petuluma ca they had shit were no salespeople to help me was very dissapointed with store if they advertise on tv they should have that sweater in store small medium large nothing looked at every sweater in the place for my wife

    • November 13, 2012 7:47 am

      Sorry to hear about your disappointment [probably at] Ross. Not all Ross stores are the same…it depends on management and who the buyer is for that location. If you go in upper class neighborhoods where there is a Ross store you are likely to get better quality and a much higher selection. I went to a Ross in Las Vegas down the street from the strip and they had tons and tons of selections. So it varies city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood and state to state. And you really can’t go by what you see on television when they advertise the “Sweater Event” because 9 times out of 10 you may and may not find it if you see something on the commercial you like. I actually got lucky last year…saw one of the sweaters advertised in the “Sweater Event” commercial, went to the Ross on Alvarado in Los Angeles and actually found the sweater and in the right size, however, it was the last one in the store. So things also do tend to go quickly, especially if it’s a popular item.

      • paul permalink
        November 13, 2012 6:09 pm

        thanks very much will try another store

      • November 16, 2012 2:09 pm

        Good idea!!! It’s been almost a year since I’ve been in Ross stores. You may have better luck in Burlington Coat Factory or other higher/upper scale retail fashion stores or department stores (depending on how much you want to spend). Try online shopping, too. I have had good luck with those especially for my daughter. Good luck, and Happy Holidays.

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