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How I Plan for Winter Holiday Parties

November 27, 2011

In the past year I’ve been fortunate to find myself attending some really out of this world parties, and this year will be the first year that I’ve actually attended winter holiday parties at various venues…well, two holiday parties to be exact.

To kick the Christmas Holiday Season in gear, on December 3 I am attending the Black on Black Winter Holiday Party at The Savoy Entertainment nightclub in Inglewood.  And anyone who lives in Los Angeles (or in Inglewood) and has attended that club, knows that there is always something going on there.

One thing my mom always told me growing up is “if you know you’re going to an extravagant event, you want to dress very elegant and classy and start preparing months in advance.”  I guess that stuck with me because I will start preparing for an event a whole year in advance just so I have left room for options and the opportunity to change my mind on an outfit.

So, how do I prepare for an event.  Usually, depending on how far in advance I’ve R.S.V.P.’d, I start with the dress or pant suit.  Usually it’s a dress.  Starting with what I’m going to wear always leaves room for shoes options.  In this case, it’s another all black affair so I had to make sure that I picked the right dress that was sexy, elegant, as well as classy wrapped up into one. But finding a dress can sometimes be a daunting task because of my body shape with the weight gain.  It’s gotten a little easier since I lost weight, but still, the dress has to fit in all the right places.

After a week of looking for the right dress I went with a one shoulder long sleeve dress.  It has the scrunchy look on the side, but I tried it on and it worked well in all the right places.  It’s a spandex, rayon and polyester blend, so it’s soft, not too tight fitting and is just a beautiful dress.

What drew me to the dress was the embellish across the top.  It really adds flair to the dress and offers a stylish design to the dress.

The sleeve is sheer with an open slit down the side which is really sexy and is nothing like what I have in my collection of little black dresses.

To make the dress pop, I decided to go with a pair of glitter sling back high heel shoes.  I like these because the are the subtle sexiness.  And what makes them so cute is they have a little bow just at the open of the peep toe.

The heel is a 5-inch heel with an approximately 1/2-inch platform.  The glitter makes the dress really stand out.  The insole is soft and the shoes have a comfortable fit.

I have another pair of black glitter peep toe high heel pumps, but I was really second guessing wearing them with this kind of dress, thinking that something that was more sleeker and more stylish would set the dress off.

Now you can’t have a killer dress and sexy shoes without a hot clutch purse.  It’s been years since I bought a new clutch purse.  My thing was always, “if you need a clutch purse, go to the thrift store.”  While the idea was heavy on my mind, I couldn’t get away from the fact that I was attending what may very well be the holiday party of the year so, I headed over to my neighborhood boutique to see what they had and they did not disappoint.

This gem caught my eye.  I like it because the chain strap is detachable.  And I love the sequin broach in the middle of the purse.  It is satin, and is big enough for my phone, my little camera, keys and makeup.  Of course I will probably have to leave my VS keychain at home to avoid taking up too much space in the purse, but I think I did alright putting this ensemble together.  And with just a week to go before the event, I pulled it together just in time.

The morning of the event I’ll be up by 7:00 a.m.  I’ll lay everything out (i.e., dress, shoes, purse, under garments, makeup, perfume, etc.).  I’ll get my car washed that morning as well, which I usually do myself, probably after I do my hair, which I’ll be roller setting my hair; it has to be done early enough for the curls to set, so most likely I won’t be leaving the house, either, if I don’t have to.  My makeup will be done an hour and a half to two hours before I leave for the event, just to be sure it’s applied properly.  I’ll be wearing a body shaper so the dress fits beautifully and accentuates my figure just right.

I don’t do too much accessorizing, but I may go with a silver rhinestone bangle and probably a silver or pearl necklace.  But then again, I’m still thinking about that part of the outfit.

How much did I spend pulling this beautiful ensemble together?  Dress from Mode Plus, $29.35; Clutch Purse from Western Sizes Boutique, $22.84; Black Glitter Sling Back High Heel Peep Toe Shoes from Shiekh Shoes, $32.59.  Grand total, including tax, $84.78.  And I had change left over.

So, this is the process I go through preparing for an event.  How do you prepare for winter holiday parties you are planning to attend?

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  1. November 30, 2011 9:20 am

    A very elegant outfit here. 😉

  2. December 8, 2011 7:46 am

    Looks like some great plans. 😉

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