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Shoe Review: Anne Michelle’s Dynamite-31 Rhinestone Colorblock Sandal

December 1, 2011

I haven’t done a good shoe review so I thought I’d start with these.  Ok, so I ordered the Anne Michelle Dynamite-31 Rhinestone Colorblock high heel sandals from I received them yesterday.  Upon looking at them closely and trying them on, I concluded that they have a snug, but comfortable fit, which is what I like — not too tight at all…I am one who does not like my high heel sandals flopping all over my feet.  The strap is very pleasing, gives a good fit around my ankles.  Not too tight and not too loose.

The one thing I noticed in the color scheme is that the light color just at the opening of the toe is not beige or ivory, but more like a light grayish color.  So the color shown here in this picture is sort of misleading.  It’s not alarming, though, it does sort of add to the overall design, and I do really love the shoes.

One other thing is the kid suede also covers the ankle strap and has a smooth heel and the encrusted metal piece is stylish to the shoes; it is what I would call a conversation piece…makes for a nice evening shoe.  However, you could get away with wearing them to the office dressed down with a nice pant or skirt suit, top and skirt, or a nice wrap-like dress.  Which incidentally, I tried the shoes on with a winter white wrap-like dress I picked up from Ross yesterday.  Talk about a really nice combination.  The shoes went really well with the dress.  If the winds weren’t kicking up so bad like they were last night, and the temperature was a little on the warmer side, I had planned to wear the ensemble to work today, but I went with something else to stay warm in the cold temperatures of today.

My overall review is they are a beautiful pair of shoes.  Good fit all the way around.  Good look and style, I love the design; they are ideal for evening wear and acceptable for office attire.  The craftsmanship of the shoes is excellent, however, I would not consider them for constant wear given the material used to create them.  You’d have to have them professionally cleaned because they are suede.  This was a good buy at a good price and I do recommend them.

Anne Michelle sandals

Anne Michelle sandals (see more rhinestone sandals)

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  1. December 8, 2011 7:40 am

    They look fantastic. 😉

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