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Made for My Daughter

December 2, 2011

My daughter is tall and slim.  And when I say slim, I mean she is what petite is all about.  She has a birthday coming up in 14 days and our biggest conversation about what she’s getting for her birthday and Christmas has been clothes and boots.  That’s right, boots.  I’ve been wrecking my brain going over what she wants, dealing with her changing her mind, going back to original choices, then not being sure.  And it’s been quite a roller coaster, but it’s what we do every year.

So as I got her to sit down with me last night to look at the new Venus catalog, she came across three things that really caught her eye.  One being a really nice pleated sweater.

This is a women’s brown viscose pleated sweater.  It’s 100% viscose, which offers charm and a stylish look.  With my daughter’s physique, she will look very cute in this sweater with a pair of tan jeans she doesn’t know she’s getting.  She’s been wanting a pair forever, so I figure I put the whining to rest and go on and get a pair.

She is turning 17 this year.  Her taste in fashion has changed dramatically over the last two years.  I want to say that it’s been hard keeping up with her in terms of her likes and dislikes, but keeping ten steps ahead of her has made all the difference.   Her style can change from one look to another.  She tends to get her ideas from young stars she sees on television — following their blog and seeing them on the internet and just getting a sense for how they dress and where they get their clothes.  It doesn’t bother me because the styles are very tasteful and doesn’t make her look older than her age.  Keeping it age appropriate is important for me since she is just hitting 17.  I do have my limits on what she can and cannot where given the fact that I don’t want her drawing the wrong attention.

She’s an animated kid who can be very boisterous and full of energy; she’s very creative and very intelligent, and being her mom makes me proud.  She has a high level of confidence about herself and appearance to her is everything, which makes it easy for me to understand why her  styles changes rapidly.  She picked the sweater and I seconded her pick.  I can’t wait to see her in it.  Most likely she’ll pair it up with the boots she’d just got from her granny before she decides to go with a cute pair of flats.  She doesn’t wear flats too often, but it would be nice to see her in a pair for a change.

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