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The Ruffled Look

December 2, 2011

I grew up wearing ruffles as a little girl, and have followed Prince’s career extensively, so it’s no wonder why now to this day I love ruffles, and why I fell in love with this jacket from

It’s cut and sassy, fun to wear with my boot cut jeans, my boots and if I chose, nothing underneath on a cold day out with my daughter or with friends, or hanging out at my favorite night spot.  It’s everything I’ve been looking for in this type of jacket.

I like that it comes down just to the hips, I love the cuffed sleeves.  It has an hook and eye closure, very chic and so “me.”

The back of the jacket is very simple, not too dramatic.  I like that.  It comes just above the butt line so you know you have to wear killer jeans to make this jacket stand out.  And don’t even think about dressing this jacket down, can’t do it.  Then again, why would you?  It’s too nice of a jacket to downplay its look like that.

Overall the ruffle design is what makes the jacket.  I’m glad they didn’t go overboard with it.  Because everybody knows that there is such a thing as too much ruffles and that would have just made the jacket totally unattractive.

Similar jackets sell $99 and up depending on where you get them.  You can be lucky enough to find one at about $39, but won’t quite look the same, but it is on a somewhat similar style.  This jacket is $59 at  I just ordered this jacket, and since I am getting ready to go on vacation in 2 1/2 weeks, I want to make sure I have it for when my sister comes home from New York to visit.  But seriously, this really should be my last jacket.

ORDERING TIP:  If you are familiar with, then you know their sizes cater to junior sizes mostly, so it’s important to check the size chart and measure yourself before ordering to ensure you get a good size and a good fit.  They do not have plus sizes.  The largest they will go is an extra large, which is like a size 16 – 18, but I have not seen too many extra large size in their catalogs or online.  But check them out anyway.  This is my third purchase from them and so far I’ve been pleased.

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