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New Year’s Eve Festivities

December 4, 2011

Planning to head out for a New Year’s Eve bash?  Let me suggest this beautiful, simple, but elegant little black dress.  This sultry little number has sheer long sleeves, with sequin trim, and a sequin trimmed hem, and it has a light cowl neckline.  I saw this dress and immediately fell in love with it.

Anybody who knows me will tell you I’m a huge fan of the “Little Black Dress,” which every woman should have in their closet.  And New Year’s Eve parties are the perfect places to show off their elegant styles, beautifully accessorized, and, of course, worn with the right pair of shoes and clutch purse.

This sheath dress sets the right tone for the evening.  You can create other looks with it as well to wear to other special occasions outside of a New Year’s Eve events.

The detail of the dress is simple, it is also lined and it is just the right kind of dress to have in your collection of little black dresses.

I purchased the dress from my neighborhood boutique.  I tried it on…loved the overall feel to it.  I haven’t completely put together an ensemble, but I do have a few pair of shoes that will go just nicely with the dress.

If you like this dress and you live in Los Angeles, you can get it from Western Larger Sizes Boutique at 1651 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90006 for $24.99.  They cater to all sizes.  Or if you prefer to get it online, you can get it from, but if you do get it online, be prepared to pay $99.  So far these are the only two places I’ve seen it.

Overall, I like the dress a lot.  It fits nicely, offers flexibility in what kind of shoes that can vbe worn with it, black or silver preferably.  If you go with a sequin shoe, it’s best not to go too over the top.  Keep in with the simplicity of the dress.  Sometimes simple is a good thing.  Don’t draw too much attention away from the dress with unnecessary accessories, because technically this is the perfect after five cocktail dress.  To have it serve its just purpose, let the dress speak for itself, drawing the most attention away from everything else.

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