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My Little Piece of Heaven

January 1, 2012

I made my first trip to Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse with my sister when she was home visiting for Christmas.  My Christmas gift came in handy just after she left when I returned to purchase these gold glitter high heel sandals.  I had seen these online earlier in the year, but was unlucky in purchasing them at the time because I could no longer find them.  You can consider these my last purchase of 2011.

Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse was having a huge holiday sale.  And because I ended up getting out for New Year’s Eve, you know I had to have the right shoes to strut my stuff. I tried the shoes on and was surprised at how comfortable they were.  I was able to dance a few line dances, get my groove on on the dance floor, and walked nearly a half a block to and from my car.

I wouldn’t say I’m done with glitter shoes on the count that I did see a pair of pink glitter high heel sandals with a cute bow on the back that I’d love to have.  But for now I am OK with what I have.  At least I have a different design in the gold glitter, which gets me away from the T-strap style.

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