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What’s Next in 2012?

January 1, 2012

First I want to thank everyone who took the time to stop by my blog, read the articles I’ve posted, checked out my shoe gallery, and have opted to follow my blog.  I credit the success of my blog to all of you and I appreciate you.  Whether you’re a fashionista, a bonafide shoe love, or you’re looking to find new trends, and you’ve given my blog a chance…I’m humbled by considerations and hope that I can continue to count on you to spread the word about my blog.

So, now you’re probably wondering, “Ok, Studio5 has come this far, what’s next?”  With 2011 behind us, Studio5 has had another great year.  Reaching the two-year mark, it’s time to look ahead at how the blog can continue to grow.  In doing so, I was contacted to add a wonderful resource to my blog, Tiny Prints.  Now you are probably wondering why would I want to add this site as a resource to my blog.  Many of us have children, have family and friends with children, and it’s a wonderful site for creating memorable moments that will last a lifetime.  I have a daughter so I understand how important those moments are.  You can create business cards, holiday cards, cards for various occasions.  They offer announcements, invitations and even photo books.  There will be a permanent link placed on this blog for your convenience.

I’ve been inspired to create and add new segments to the blog to showcase other avenues of fashion with an upscale and couture flare.  What I’m looking for is “The Outfit of the Month” where beauty is not just in how you look, but in how hot you make the outfit look.  I’m looking for trendy, sexy, elegance and style that expresses your personality.  Sorry, no partial nude pictures.  This is not that kind of blog (smile).  There’ll be a separate page that will feature this segment and I hope to have it up and ready to roll by the second year anniversary of the blog.  I’d like to see somewhat professional and tasteful photos for this segments.  To be considered for “The Outfit of the Month,” send photos to

I plan on writing more articles on health, spotlight on events I attend where fashion is everything, and I hope to overhaul the blog as a whole to give it a new look.  However, the overhauling has not yet been fully decided.

There’ll be more reviews on fashions, my favorite fashion picks in my Style File segment, shoe reviews, a look at the teen scene and what teens will be wearing in 2012, and an updated shoe gallery for 2012.

The haute fashion blog will be launched in the coming months, so you can expect to see that as well.  This blog will be quite different from Studio5 simply because it will feature only elegant attire for those special occasions, fashion of the couture nature, and will be on a high and upper scaled level.  You can  take a sneak peak by going to Haute Fashion LA Style.

So far these are the plans for 2012, but there’ll more exciting things to come, and I am always open to suggestions.  Be sure you keep stopping by to see what’s going on.

Photo from DC Event Junkie.

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