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My Living Doll

January 10, 2012

So, one of the things I experience as a mother is “separation anxiety” in knowing that my only child…my daughter will be 18 this year in December, and having had to face the ripping reality that my baby is no longer a baby has been something I had to force myself to accept.

Just yesterday while organizing her room like I had promised her I would because of the gifts she’d gotten for her birthday and Christmas, I came across one of her ruffled baby socks.  It was white with pink and white ruffles.  I got a little choked up that I had to sit down for a moment to reflect.

It’s amazing to go from the little sock to something as these pewter glitter high heels that she got over this last weekend while spending time with her granny.  It threw me for a loop, but I wasn’t too surprised because she’d gotten a pair of 5 1/2 T-strap black glitter high heels for their homecoming dance last October.

But the shoes would not be complete without this pretty glitter print dress with sequin straps.

It’s one of those kinds of dresses purposely made for a special occasion or a homecoming dance.  But since she’s going to the 12th grade this fall, I doubt she’ll want to attend, preparing for her senior prom.

Yikes!  Prom? I’m going to be one of those mothers running around getting her hair and nails done, finding out who her date is going to be, what the color scheme is going to be and going crazy to find her dress and shoes.  So in knowing that this would be left to be worn for other special occasions I would be inclined to agree that she would be elegantly dressed.

She is my living doll who walks with confidence and speaks with strength.  She’s a good kid, but tough at the same time.  She admires good fashion and has embraced the art of “looking good” for whatever reason, whether taking walks, hanging with friends or running errands with me.

I have watched her grow into a beautiful young lady.  And if I’ve said it before, I’ll say it a gazillion times more, that I’m proud to be her mom.

The shoes and the dress were purchased from JC Penny.

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  1. January 10, 2012 5:20 am

    Sparkly. Always a treat. 😉

    • January 10, 2012 11:36 am

      When she was a baby I used to dress her up in cute little dresses with bows and ribbons and ruffles. She had little sandals and ruffled socks. Then as she got older and I could no longer be too in control of what I dressed her in, I was surprised that she kept with the girly-girl side of her. Sometimes, though, I have to step in and remind her some clothes are just too adult for her and bring her back to the teenage years, but we manage to be on the same page of what she wears when she dresses up most of the time.

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