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The Right to Shoes

February 5, 2012

It’s amazing how when some of my friends see just how many pairs of shoes I have and the first thing some want to tell is that I should sell some of them in a yard sale to pay…oh, I don’t know…bills and rent, perhaps?  I work (or at least I did), I pay the bills, I pay the rent, I buy all the food, I cook all the meals, and I see to it that my daughter is well provided for.  Since when do I have to stop living and start qualifying and validating every pairs of shoes I buy whether I need them or not?  Fact to the matter is I’m a woman who has a certain lifestyle that just so happens involves shoes and fashion, among other things.  You can almost call me another “Carrie Bradshaw” (whom I happen to love the series and watch all the reruns and the movies) with the number of shoes I have.

I like dressing up and having a pair of shoes for every outfit I walk out the house in.  That’s just me.  And besides, my mother instilled me that a woman should always look her very best, never knowing who she’s going to meet in her travels.

In my opinion, a woman should be able to do as she chooses, indulge responsibly in her need to treat herself to the delights shoes offers.  If you’re like me, one pair of black shoes just wont do.  As shoe connoisseurs, we know that there are different styles of black high heel shoes.  Just as there are different shades of brown high heel shoes.  Some prefer open toe while others prefer closed toe, while there are those who like a combination.  Whether sling back or pump, designers have given us plenty to chose from.

Whether at work or at play, a variety certainly keeps the field of shoes open to the opportunity of there being plenty to choose from.

So tell me this, who are they to tell a hard working woman that she can’t buy shoes?  Who are they to stand between the all mighty dollar and a decent pair of shoes?  It’s not like I’m spending the rent money on a lavish pair of shoes I know I can’t afford like Christian Louboutin…really.  There is a fine line between my need to buy shoes and the need to spend smartly.

Shoes are my feel-good food.  Instead of overdosing on a carton of ice cream, I overdose on shoes.  Instead of chowing down in three cheese tacos in the middle of the night, I’m standing in my favorite shoe store or hanging out on my favorite online shoe site searching for that perfect pair of shoes to ease whatever feelings I’m going through, or to just treat myself for the hard work I’ve put in for that month.  And not to mention that I have a fear of going without caused by a marriage I was in that cost me to lose nearly everything I ever worked for.  Does the abundance of clothes and shoes I have make up for those things I’ve lost?  It’s safe to say that this is true.  I just kept going forward increasing  and improving on what I have.

I lost my job January 23, 2012 because my supervisor decided to “eliminate my position,” play like he was all sympathetic to the situation, and was very apologetic, but then told other former co-workers that he just didn’t want to give me any more work due to wanting to hire another Ph.D. out of New York…the entire ordeal was enough to send me into an eating overload, but I maintained control.  What did I do instead?  I took some time to wrap my mind around not having a job, went right to work looking for another job, working on incorporating my secretarial and administrative business, and working on some income producing projects, while at the same time, I bought myself a pair of shoes to put a smile on my face and to sort of help me move on.  It may have not necessarily been the smartest thing I could have done at the time, but it stopped me from gorging myself in hamburgers, cookies, and other foods that would have thrown my weight out of whack.  So in thinking how much I was going to spend on food, I spent it on shoes.

In closing, as fashionistas we have the right to look good from head to toe and there is a cost that comes with it.  But if we know what we’re doing, it wont cost us a fortune.  We have the right to indulge in our love for shoes because they make us look sexy, and the last time I checked we are free to be women who enjoy the art of looking good.  Never let anyone take that right away.  It’s our money and we’ve earned it.

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